Love, Love, Love Cont’d

The feels in this song!!!!!!


Every EXO album has those one or two songs that you wish someone would sing to you to express how they feel about you and for “Overdose” Love, Love, Love is that song. As Pisces said, it falls in line with What is Love? and I’d add Angel (Into Your World) and maybe even Baby that came after it.


**Warning: Heheh….I swear this is the last time I’ll laugh. It’s just this era and that word…..**deep sigh**

You get a sense of euphoria with the entrance of the harp in the introduction and every time you subsequently hear it in the song. The piano, guitar, other string instruments, drums and an array of effects enter. I find it interesting that during the section below we hear the sound effect that is usually heard alongside a cartoon character slipping on a banana peel

EXO-K Version


잘 실감이 안나 왜 꿈이 아닌 건지?

jal silgami anna, wae kkumi annin geonji?

This doesn’t feel real, why isn’t this a dream?

나도 믿기지 않아 너 사람인 게 맞니?

nado mitgiji anha neo sarami ge manni?

I can’t believe it either, are you really human?


넌 모르겠지 아마 모를 거야

neon moreugetji ama moreul geoya

You wouldn’t know, you probably don’t know

너를 향한 내 맘 love, love, love

neoreul hyanghan nae mam love, love, love

My heart towards you is love, love, love

EXO-M Version



gǎn jiào bú gòu zhēn qiē

It doesn’t feel too clear


nán dào zhè shì zài mèng lǐ

could this just be a dream?


wǒ hái zài bú néng xiàng xìn

I still can’t believe it


yǐ wéi nǐ zhī shì huàn yǐng

I think you’re just a hallucination



kàn zhe wǒ de nǐ

You who looks at me


bú zhī dào wǒ de xīn

and doesn’t know my heart


yǐ jīng wú fǎ zì bá

it’s already impossible to escape from love love love

The sound effect is heard immediately before, during and after this section. It seems to indicate how they’ve truly fallen for this person.


Notice how all of the instruments are softened. It helps to create this introspective mood. Especially in the section where they are saying “Love, Love, Love, Love, Love”. Almost all of the instruments drop out to call attention to the importance of the word.

Speaking of calling attention to words, the sound of water dropping whenever they sing “Earth, Air, Water, Fire” doesn’t go unnoticed.


These guys, man. They return to this contemplative delivery but this time a sense of elation as well. Yes, this changes whenever they enter the slipping on a banana peel section which is more of a exclamation of how surreal this all feels. You know, that “OMG! Is this really happening!?!?!” moment.


And kudos to the Rap Line. We’re starting to see bigger glimpses of where they are today. (Yes, all of them including the ones who’ve left.)

This brings Overdose to a close bringing us to the era when we joined. Yup the Call Me Baby Era that is the EXODUS/Love Me Right Repackage albums. I’m so ready!!!


White RecordsharpASignature

**Experience Otherworldly Euphoric Aural Transfiguration**

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