Happy Birthday Kai!!!!


Happy Birthday Nini!

Kind-hearted, warm, endearing, profound, benevolent, disciplined, ardent, complex, jovial…you are all that and more Kai. You draw us in with your attention to the finer details. You weave a story, so passionate with your line and form, that none can help but to be inspired to cheer you on, feeling sincerely that you were born to dance the way that you do. You have us captivated, waiting earnestly for the next creation you will manifest from your meticulous and diligent practice. That you were chosen as the premier member of EXO was purposeful. That you are indeed the gateway into something new. We have such pride and joy in the way you bring an undeniable unparalleled energy to your stage and the way you lead the dance narrative of EXO’s journey in the best way that you can. Take care that you rest and keep yourself healthy. Rest assured that we believe in your ability and support your dreams wholeheartedly. Thank you for allowing us to be part of the story of your dance. May you be blessed with many more years of happiness and mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and vocal health!

-Admins Aqua + Pisces-

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