EXO’logy Chapter 1: The Lost Planet Part 2

A look at the solo stages for The EXOPlanet #1: The Lost Planet concert tour.

“My Turn to Cry” EXOLOGY Chapter 1: The Lost Planet (Solo)

“Remember, when things were hard

I always turned your tears into smiles

Don’t cry in places without me, don’t cry

Because you always had a lot of tears

No, it’s my turn to cry, I’ll cry now

I’ll take all of your tears

It’s my turn to cry, give them to me

Even those tears, this time”

The sequel we didn’t know we needed. And who else could deliver this to us but Baekhyun. Yes Baekhyun. Yes, THAT same Baekhyun. The Variety King has yet another trick up his sleeve. Yet another talent that we must pay close attention to. And how can we not? As all of EXO can and continues to do, he captures our attention, drawing our souls and hearts in to mind his crestfallen tune. Baekhyun is on an elevated level during this performance. He has made this delivery very personal. It is quiet but it is poignant. Every movement he makes is reflective of the pain he, the speaker at this time, is contemplating as he begs forgiveness and a share of the burden for what he can possibly never make right. The runs of his voice and his fingers over the piano are all very methodical, meditative, and deeply engrossed. Ending on an open ended chord with no resolution sends an somber message. And as our hearts break into a thousand pieces, we mourn with him his and EXO’s seemingly perpetual losses in love. And in return EXO will turn to us in an ardent consoling tone and say “Baby Don’t Cry.”

“Breakin’ Machine” EXOLOGY Chapter 1: The Lost Planet (Dance Solo)

*Ahem Ahem*

A-yo DJ! Run that beat back!

Xiumin is THE king of fan service! He opens the piece with a move we all know and love to see, the heart concept that is part of Overdose’s choreography. And he continues to flash us multiple versions of hearts, carrying us on a high as we watch his organic style come forth. The music behind him a Xiumin-esque combination of cute,sexy and impactful. If you underestimate Xiumin, you will miss this Baozi do what only he can. Energy is his middle name. Check him at 0.47. Can’t stop won’t stop!! Even as the lights power down at the end (to us signaling that the machine has been annihilated….) this Baozi just keeps going and going and going and going….

“Beautiful” EXOLOGY Chapter 1: The Lost Planet (Solo)

A flower rises in the sky, spring blossoms on the ground
You can’t stop it, it’s been decided since the start
My heart is pulled to you (love)
The moment your breath touches me, your scent colors me in

Beautiful Beautiful
Your body movement resembles a flower petal

A prequel to the dulcet, honey-toned piece of the same name that debuts on their following album “EXODUS.” In true Suho fashion, he appears just as he is, with a single rose. Ever the literal well thought out man, Suho’s carrying of a rose is purposeful. The song itself relates the love EXO has for their love interest being as natural and uninhibited as Mother Nature calling forth the anticipated buds from her own garden. A force greater than themselves calls EXO to love this love interest. She is as metamorphic as Mother Nature giving life to EXO through her love. And EXO’s reward? A gift of that same single rose and a sweet moment.

“Metal” EXOLOGY Chapter 1: The Lost Planet (Wu Shu Solo)

*EXO-L’s Chanting*

T-A-O! T-A-O! T-A-O!

How can you say the word Hot without having the T at the end for Tao? And this performance was just! There is nothing stopping Tao! The intensity that is in his eyes as he wields the weapons he has prepared for some time. And as the camera follows him so do we, ensnared by the hypnotic patterns he spins and bobs. And this intense fusion of Heavy Metal & Tradition instruments from their region at the beginning and Heavy Metal & Classical themes in the second half truly makes the performance stand out in the background supporting his fiery performance. He just about gave us a Heart Attack at the end too….

“Deep Breath” EXOLOGY Chapter 1: The Lost Planet (Dance Solo)

I yearn for you

like a thorn, I cut down the harsh memories

I know,I feel

that I am dying slowly

In the darkness you are a shining moonlight

you disappear, I run after you Run

a cold heart, a Thunder like you

and the remaining traces L.O.V.E

I am already an addiction to you

You are already an addiction to me

Performing this piece as only he can, we have Kai’s feature that precludes Overdose “Deep Breath.” While Kai doesn’t need props (look at how his hands tell the story of this dance. From that alone you know exactly where he’s going. In that way Kai reminds your Admins of themselves. Like him, we also studied the lyrics of our pieces prior to our performance and were able to express every nuance, paying attention to key details and aimed to emphasize them to the best of our ability as Kai demonstrates here. He is THE master story teller y’all) the throne chair adds to the message he’s trying to get across. Someone fallen from grace. They put love on top of everything. That was the throne he anointed. And he has been betrayed. He has been consumed. He is possessed. And he holds us in his trance. A hypnosis further enhanced by the abstract music behind him before the dance break. Music, lyrics and movement perfectly interwoven by His Royal Highness, King Kai. We are addicted to the way he moves.

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