EXO’logy Chapter 1: The Lost Planet Part 1

A look at the solo stages for The EXOPlanet #1: The Lost Planet concert tour.

“I’m Lay” EXOLOGY Chapter 1: The Lost Planet (Solo)

Haha! 2014!
I’m Lay. I’m Lay.
Put your hands up.
One step, gotta make you high
Two step, gotta make you cry (Shout Loud!)
I’m Lay. (Shout Loud!)
Put your hands up.
My name is.

You didn’t know that by the end of this piece you’d be screaming his name…..did you? That lyric dropping was indeed purposeful. What an introduction! And yet he needs no introduction. From the moment this man steps on stage he is in the zone. The finesse with which he moves. The dynamic energy. It is nuclear. Popping and locking and yet still gliding and weaving. In true Libran form he balances the dichotomy that is the spectrum of emotions we feel as we watch him. We’re screaming, high on the energy that he is transmuting and yes, some of us are crying because it is just THAT incredible. Lay coming through with that hard hitting bass that’s just harder coupled with every pop and lock. All those electric effects just infuse the song with energy. And that energy reaches you through the screen. Put your hands up and ride that rhythm!

“Delight” EXOLOGY Chapter 1: The Lost Planet (Instrumental Solo)

*Count Off* 


The piece begins in a very unassuming manner (although Chanyeol has already signaled that we need to hold tight to our seats and be ready to rumble with the way he twirls his drum sticks as the platform he is sitting on is risen to stage height) You may think with the way he opens this piece that the timbre will remain cool and placid but oh how wrong you would be! After a couple bars (and animated chants from faithful EXO-L’s) Chanyeol is geared up and ready to go! How we “Delight” in the way he infects us with his kinetic, charismatic energy! HIS PEDAL!!!!!!! WTF?!?!?!?!?!? No other comments….. (And how cruel he was towards the end! Dousing himself in water! We were thirsty too Chanyeol! He delivers though…) 

“Up Rising” EXOLOGY Chapter 1: The Lost Planet (Solo)

If I hear your scream today right here
Then my body will react with joy

No matter what happens, you can’t stop me
I will explode with what’s real inside, yeah

Start right here, all rules will be broken
My uprising will make you despair, feel it till you fall in

The absolute power that is Chen is realized in this piece. If the sound of his voice wasn’t enough to call everything within you to attention, tearing you away from all else, then the lyrics just might. He is coming for the very foundation of what we know and have gotten used to. He plans to uproot everything you knew about what a singer can do (at least that is our understanding.) What better background to those lyrics than the electric guitar, drums, et al coupled with his stage fashion putting us firmly within the Rock mood. The guitar riffs set against his powerful voice just accentuates the purpose all the more. Ever ready for your “Up Rising” and takeover Chen!

“Beat Maker” EXOLOGY Chapter 1: The Lost Planet (Dance Solo)

It’s been interesting watching Sehun’s transformation of dance. He began as a dancer that followed the urban, contemporary style that appears analytical and technical. He follows all the choreography points that he has rehearsed and completes them in time. You can see him begin to relax more and display more of his personality that makes him the “Beat Maker” the more he performs this piece. His movements become more fluid showing off his flexibility and his “in-your-face-come-catch-this-beat-real-quick” attitude. And how perfect was it that this starts off with someone beat boxing?! Then that beat drops in the second half with those attentions catching electric strings and effects and he’s gone. Handle it Hunnie!

“Tell Me What is Love” EXOLOGY Chapter 1: The Lost Planet (Solo)

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

Play it on a slow jam

This is my property

Tell me what is love

I will forget you who doesn’t love me

everything I wanted to do,

I do them and live

You’re not being erased from my mind, why?

We have been waiting to discuss this piece, this needed follow up of “What is Love.” And alas we will have to wait just a little bit longer to discuss this piece in further detail. What a morsel of a teaser this solo was! Little did we know at this time that the “Tell Me What is Love” that we heard from D.O. would be transformed into the powerful fully fleshed out duet he had the honor of having with his much admired senior Yoo Young Jin. Ugh, but I don’t want to wait!!!! **sigh** The sentiments of this piece pull at your very core as D.O. very succinctly but passionately begs us once again to tell him “What is Love” in true D.O. -ssi fully velvety and plaintively articulated fashion. Deliver us D.O. the reason for your soulful rhyme!

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