rào yī quān huí yuán dì

Eventually, I come back to my original place


shòu kùn zài ài de mígōng

trapped in love’s maze


I told you the whiplash was going to be real….didn’t I….? There are no truer lines than I have read than these right here. This if anything at all has been the persistent downfall and growing point for EXO throughout their discography….

Yet again we have someone who may at one point have been (and honestly despite her obvious threat to EXO’s safety) is still a love interest.



lián yǎnqián de lièhuǒ

Even the raging fire in front of me


dūhuì bèi nǐ zhēbì de tóngkǒng

is covered by your brightness



ránshāo wǒ suǒyǒu gǎnshòu

Lighting up all of my emotions

Something tells me from the way the lines of this piece open up that the very same answer they thought they had found was a bitter realization of yet another dead end (ha….dead end…love’s maze…get it…?)



Kòngzhìzhe wǒ nǎohǎi

You control my mind


Oh yeah, stand up!

請別走 你答案還是 no

Qǐng bié zǒu nǐ dá’àn háishì no

Please don’t go, but your answer is still no


wǒ de xīn bèi dǎ suì

My heart has been shattered


bànkōng zhōng shǎnzhe shǎnzhe guāng

sparkling as they hang in mid-air

Whereas this love interest also captured EXO’s thoughts in “My Answer” and had them wondering what possibly she was doing and thinking in the moments that they were apart….at this point….there is nothing to wonder. She does not wish to engage them any further than she can control them.

And the heart they once held open to her…she has also now shattered and destroyed….sucks doesn’t it…?



你像一場夢 最殘忍的 queen

nǐ xiàng yī chǎng mèng zuì cánrěn de queen

You are like a dream, the most cruel queen

隱藏刺的美麗 讓我太著迷

yǐncáng cì dì měilì ràng wǒ tài zháomí

Hiding your striking beauty, leaving me entranced

Dangerous, dangerous, she’s so dangerous

From these lyrics, your Admin gathers that she was hiding her true nature behind a facade of sweetness….and light and it wasn’t until EXO confessed their intentions….that she truly became the “Queen of Hearts” that she is.


And yet again EXO surprises us….they are getting the heck out of there….

盛開的孤單 蔓延在夢境

Shèngkāi de gūdān mànyán zài mèngjìng

The loneliness that flourishes, spreads in my dreamland

我用力折斷它 另一方向逃離

wǒ yònglì zhéduàn tā lìng yī fāngxiàng táolí

I forcefully tear it away, escape in another direction

Exodus, Exodus, it’s my Exodus

The word EXODUS may remind many whether religious or not of the second book of the Torah which is of the same name “Book of EXODUS” that tells the story Dreamworks portrayed on screen that many of us watched time and again as children


As what was described in that film, Exodus can be understood as an extreme mass departure and vacation of an area by a group of people or emigrants = a person who leaves their own country in order to settle permanently in another.

The Biblical book of Exodus describes the departure of the Israelites from Egypt, so it’s no surprise that the word has come to refer more generally to any mass departure. The word itself was adopted into English (via Latin) from Greek Exodos, which literally means “the road out.” The Greek word was formed by combining the prefix ex- and hodos, meaning “road” or “way.”  (the road out…so this entire album is about the road out…but where….the road also makes me think about El Dorado….so….connections being made. Thank you Admin Aqua for the info/link.)

And the definition of emigrants is interesting here when EXO mentions returning to their original/ familiar place/maze created by their intent on finding love here on Earth.

我嘶吼 心中的 domino

Wǒ sīhǒu xīnzhōng de domino

I shout the domino in my heart


wèi nǐ dào xià nǐ què

I fall for you

^ I truly love hearing them sing this line..(it’s the domino for some reason) but it illustrates perfectly what this was. The sudden realization that she was not what she seemed made everything else they thought they felt or knew cave in on itself….and actually made him fall even deeper for her.



lián yīyǎn dōu méi dōu méi zhǎ

yet you don’t even blink once in my direction

^this line also makes me laugh. Wow they’re having a rough time….




zǎo huí bùliǎo tóu

There’s no turning back


zuò shénme dōu méiyǒu yòng

there’s nothing I can do


wǒ chénzhòng de tànxí

I deeply sigh

全身都沒力氣 girl

quánshēn dōu méi lìqì girl

my whole body has no more strength girl


在腦海你是 shock

zài nǎohǎi nǐ shì shock

You’re shock in my mind


nǐ dehuà huíyīn chōngmǎn wǒ shìjiè

your words echo and fill my entire world

聽不見 除了你的所有聲音

tīng bùjiàn chúle nǐ de suǒyǒu shēngyīn

I can’t hear anything except you

^yet again just as in “My Answer” and SO many other songs they are completely consumed by their love for this love interest….she takes over every waking thought and desire….she is their desire.



suí tāmen zěnme shuō

They can say whatever they want


quándōu jìn bùliǎo wǒ de ěrduǒ

I would not even listen to it

^these lines of course suggest that they are aware of how foolish this is. They can hear others that they may also consider dear to them, scolding them for allowing themselves to get in so deep.

The bridge of the song is also quite interesting.


你的心像 透明的城牆

nǐ de xīnxiàng tòumíng de chéngqiáng

You heart is like a clear castle wall

^she is also guarded against them…what is her story one would wonder….why is she just as guarded behind a wall that is clear to see through. Meaning that while you may think you’ve grown closer to her and that you have a special relationship…that’s exactly the ruse that she has created while she still keeps you at bay (“Machine” anyone…?)


我是唯一的囚犯 犧牲自由交換愛

wǒ shì wéiyī de qiúfàn xīshēng zìyóu jiāohuàn ài

I am the only prisoner, sacrificing freedom for love


我為你而瘋狂 不願再說謊

wǒ wèi nǐ ér fēngkuáng bù yuàn zài shuōhuǎng

I’ve gone crazy for you, don’t want to lie anymore


為你而心動 為你心痛

wèi nǐ ér xīndòng wèi nǐ xīntòng

My heart is beating for you, my heart hurts for you

^it’s not a surprise that EXO mentions sacrificing their freedom for love. They have already confessed to allowing  their love for her to consume their mind. They have no resistance to her charms. And she wills them as she desires.


Their heart beats for her and hurts for her….so while they are being given “love” they are also being diminished and caused pain by that same love. They think she is making “love deposits” into their bank but she is only steadily taking out withdrawals….it’s an empty love….

While the chorus has remained pretty consistent throughout as far as wording…towards the end we have a sudden change…


我在你懷裡 是懦弱的 king

wǒ zài nǐ huái lǐ shì nuòruò de king

In your embrace, I’m the weak king

我就拋棄所有 為了擁有你

wǒ jiù pāoqì suǒyǒu wèile yǒngyǒu nǐ

I abandoned everything just to have you

Again EXO is reiterating something that we already know. For her they have given up everything they had…just for the chance of her considering “loving” them. They admit to their weakness to her as well.

And honestly it isn’t really towards the end (though EXO kept chanting EXODUS EXODUS EXODUS throughout this piece) that you sense the bitterness in their tone….they are actually kinda angry

從你的懷裡 找逃脫路徑

Cóng nǐ de huái lǐ zhǎo táotuō lùjìng

From your embrace I am looking for a road to escape

奔向出口的光 遠離你的甜蜜

bēn xiàng chūkǒu de guāng yuǎnlí nǐ de tiánmì

Running towards the light at the exit, running away from your sweetness

^because now that the rose colored glasses have been smashed in their face, they finally see what has been happening this whole time and it’s troublesome to say the least.

She’s dangerous (can’t help but think of this Dangerous ((the original classic Dangerous to me)) whenever I hear this song too….it’s so close in meaning and this performance was bomb AF. The acrobatics! The theatrics! The staging! The choreo! DONE!!!) because she knows exactly what she’s doing…and that sweetness…her nectar is actually poison that you’re unaware of until its already too late….


I mean honestly….how far away do you think EXO is going to get this time before they wind up right back where they were running away from…..they’re still stuck in the maze to this day anyways if that tells you anything….it’s their “original place” after all and only a few have been able to escape thus far….

This has been your Admin Pisces


(^literally my situation right now….my cat won’t leave me be)


**Experiences Otherworldly Jarring Lyrical Transfiguration**

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