Exodus Cont’d

I get some serious Michael Jackson vibes from this song.


I mean…. “ She’s So Dangerous. The Girl Is So Dangerous” and EXO’s “Dangerous, dangerous, she’s so dangerous”….. I’m just saying…

I would love for someone to do a video with EXODUS playing behind MJ’s live performance of Dangerous or Dangerous playing behind EXO performing EXODUS during EXO’LuXion. {Ooo Pisces, our next Sunday Funday edit?}

Ok, just from the title alone we understand that this song is about EX’iting something (Exodus means a mass departure) so let me make this move to actually discussing the music.


**WARNING: The following is an aural analysis based discussion.

Right from the start, the rolled chords played in succession in the left hand on the keyboard that to me is reminiscent of tumbling. How poetic is that?!?! They’re literally tripping and falling in the accompaniment. And the electronic strings? Their motion is that of getting up and taking a few steps. But the the rolled chord i the piano comes right back in, with them falling once more. And guess what? They keep falling, tripping, stumbling the entire song. BUT they get up each time continuing to try to get out of the maze. ( Hope they don’t have scraped knees. Since getting out of the maze anytime soon is out of the question……..)


But they can’t escape, it’s a vicious cycle that the accompaniment that allows the listener to see just how hopeless the situation seems.

The drums keep a steady, unchanging beat letting everyone know that nothing is changing. Their situation will stay the same. {Is it just me or does this unending maze they’re in remind you of Maze Runner?}


When I hear the vocals I get this sense of disbelief. While they are all singing about all these things they are feeling and how they are being treated their portrayal calls to mind one who acknowledges their “stupidity” and “helplessness” but can believe they let themselves get like this. Especially the inflection in their voices during the second verse



Stand back!

我嘶吼 心中的 domino
Wǒ sīhǒu xīnzhōng de domino
I shout the domino in my heart

wèi nǐ dào xià nǐ què
I fall for you

lián yīyǎn dōu méi dōu méi zhǎ
yet you don’t even blink once in my direction


zǎo huí bùliǎo tóu
There’s no turning back

zuò shénme dōu méiyǒu yòng
there’s nothing I can do

wǒ chénzhòng de tànxí
I deeply sigh

全身都沒力氣 girl
quánshēn dōu méi lìqì girl
my whole body has no more strength girl


在腦海你是 shock
zài nǎohǎi nǐ shì shock
You’re shock in my mind

nǐ dehuà huíyīn chōngmǎn wǒ shìjiè
your words echo and fill my entire world

聽不見 除了你的所有聲音
tīng bùjiàn chúle nǐ de suǒyǒu shēngyīn
I can’t hear anything except you


suí tāmen zěnme shuō
They can say whatever they want

quándōu jìn bùliǎo wǒ de ěrduǒ
I would not even listen to it


wǒ zhǐ xiǎng zhuānxīn xiǎng nǐ
I am solely focused on thinking of you



Stand back 외쳐도 내 맘의 도미노
Stand back oechyeodo nae mamui domino
Stand back, I shout but the dominos in my heart

쓰러져 가는데 넌 고갤 까딱까딱 해
Sseureojyeo ganeunde neon gogael kkattakkkattak hae
They’re falling and you’re nodding your head


더는 뭘 해도 되돌릴 수 없었고
Deoneun mwol haedo doedollil su eopseossgo
Whatever I do, I can’t turn things back

깊어진 한숨에 난 힘이 빠져가 girl
Gipeojin hansume nan himi ppajyeoga girl
I’m losing strength from my deepened sighs, girl


머릿속 너는 Shock 어디를 가도 네가 들려와
Meorissok neoneun shock eodireul gado nega deullyeowa
You’re a shock in my head, I hear you wherever I go

어느새 난 귀도 멀어버려
Eoneusae nan gwido meoreobeoryeo
Suddenly, I’ve grown deaf
틈 없이 사로잡혀


그 무얼 말해도 너 밖에는 들리지 않아
Geu mueol malhaedo neo bakkeneun deulliji anha
No matter what I do, I can only hear you


틈 없이 사로잡혀
Teum eopsi sarojaphyeo
Captivated without space to rest

And can’t you just hear the frustration in Baekhyun and Chen’s voices when they cry out “She’s dangerously HOT!!!”? Whoever she is, she’s doing a number on them. But their suffering makes such good music….let me stop.

This has been the dangerously hot Admin Aqua. Keep your looks hot and your shoulder cold.


**Experience Otherworldly Fatally Tantalizing Aural Transfiguration**

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