El Dorado Cont’d

No lie every time I heard this song until I saw the stage…


Come on, admit it. It did come to mind. (Well if you’ve seen the movie…) But after watching the performance that is the furthest thing from your mind. This is such a beautiful stage and the guys just…deliver as always.


{Hell, I’ll be Chel anytime….😉}


Let me behave.

***WARNING: The following is strictly an aural analysis.

El Dorado begins obscurely with an echoed I’m gonna go out on the branch and say marimba sounding effect that is heard throughout the song. This creates a shimmering atmosphere, reminiscent of the shine of gold.


Soon the drums enter. With the chorus comes little excerpts of an instrument from the zither family, a choir sings portato on “Ah” and “Oh”, strings and keyboard (although the plugins used changes during the final iteration of the chorus). Interestingly the choral “Ah’s” and “Oh’s” are only heard when they mention El Dorado book-ending the chorus.



Find the El Dorado


現在我 準備向前
xiànzài wǒ zhǔnbèi xiàng qián
Right now I’m preparing to move forward


dà màoxiǎn díquè
It will be risky


fēicháng de zhìmìng de jídù wéixiǎn
very fatal, and dangerous



Sail sail sail, gotta gotta go go
gotta find the El Dorado El Dorado do
Sail sail sail, gotta gotta go go
gotta find the El Dorado El Dorado



Find the El Dorado


난 지금 떠나려해
Nan jigeum tteonaryeohae
I’m leaving right now


더 큰 모험엔 언제나
Deo keun moheomen
The bigger the adventure,


위험이 따르는 법
Eonjena wiheomi ttareuneun beop
the more danger that follows



Sail sail sail gotta gotta go go
Gotta find the El Dorado El Dorado do
Sail sail sail gotta gotta go go
Gotta find the El Dorado El Dorado

{Admin Confession: It kinda bothers me that they say “find the El Dorado”. El means “the” so they’re saying “find the The City of Gold….}


Chimes/bells are introduce during the rap/break down and only in that section. Take note that all of the instruments used are electronically produced. Even so some of them sound very close to the acoustic instrument. Calling on the surrealness of the legend of El Dorado as well as a part of the lyric that states

There is a dazzling city
But it always vanishes before I get there

calling on the fact that everything is almost real.

These vocals man. It’s such an intense song. Chen and Baekhyun’s high note on “Sail”


*Moment of silence for Admin Aqua*


I promise I’m alright.

In the respective versions everyone is accounted for. You can do musical roll call (me baby) for both versions and you’ll end up making all 10 as present.

If you are an EXO-L or follow their music you know that this is not always the case.

Any who…

Many of the members are able to create an energetic undercurrent in their phrasing. Kai does a very good job of this in his singing in the first verse.


내가 가야 할 그 곳을 향해서
Naega gaya hal geu goseul hyanghaeseo
I’m going toward

멀고도 험난한 여정을 하겠어
Meolgodo heomnanhan yeojeongeul hagesseo
the place I have to go

Tao and Chanyeol attack the rap/break down without being overly aggressive. They create an anxious, energetic performance of the words.

Collectively, El Dorado fits together to take the listener on the journey to this mystical place with EXO. I know I wanna go along for the ride. Do you?

This has been Admin Aqua. Ta-ta for now.


**Experience Gilded Otherworldly Aural Transfiguration**

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