Call Me Baby

Oh MY GODDDDDD!!!!! Admin Pisces cannot tell y’all how excited she is for this phase in our discussions. Slowly but surely we are catching up to EXO in their discography. Definitely don’t think we’ll be caught up in time to do real time reporting of their pieces as they release their next comeback but….we’re moving steadily along all the same.

Listen right now!! Unintentionally I listened to this piece earlier in my car just because and I couldn’t help posting my thoughts about the piece and what I imagined EXO’s initial reactions would have been to the demo

And what a demo it was (so was the Growl demo! Like WHAT~?!?!?)


“Cuz I got what you want mama and you got somethin’ for da da…”


And when you hear the demo you can see where the rap led by Chanyeol and Tao was added. It was an important addition.

Looking at the lyrics and tone of the demo you can also witness how much this song was toned down while still remaining playful and teasing.

While the MV gives credence to the rougher around the edges, sexually confident, alluring, brassy tone of the original demo, the lyrics of the version EXO performed in both Korean and Chinese was honestly not as in your face as all of those crotch grabs were.


It was obviously sensual enough to make us all blush (EXO just left us with Love, Love, Love….)

But as usual, we should expect EXO to flip the script and keep us guessing with where they will take the storyline next (lesson learned here should be to have zero expectations except to be left satisfied…right?)

Most if not all of EXO’s songs have very catchy lines that will have you singing along with at least the chorus after hearing it a couple times. The melody of it at least if not the words also. And “Call Me Baby” is no exception.

It’s interesting to me that they kept the essence of the piece yet again and only changed one word…“Daddy to Baby.” Uncomfortable with being blatantly provocative….? And looking at the lyrics once again for analysis, the question of whether the intention behind the song was to ask her to “Call me, baby” or “Call me (insert -your-) baby”




nǐ qiāo qiāo

You quietly crept



qián rù wǒ zuǐ chún

into my lips



huàn xǐng le wǒ de shēn shuì líng hún

and awakened my soul from deep sleep

The time’s wasting girl

Something about this girl has renewed a sense of confidence in EXO (hence the cocky, come hither choreography once again.)

She inspires in them a sense of bright assurance, with her unfailing devotion to the truth of her feelings for EXO while everyone else has apparently been using them for their own gain…



Baby girl 无数的 贪心之中

Baby girl, wú shù de tān xīn zhī zhōng

Baby girl, among the countless greed


nǐ bú lǐ tā men de liú yán

You ignore their gossip


réng rán duì yú wǒ chōng mǎn xìn rèn

and you’re still full of confidence for me


纵然人们变心 慢慢离开我

zòng rán rén men biàn xīn màn màn lí kāi wǒ

people often change their heart and leave me


你是我唯一 lady

nǐ shì wǒ wéi yī lady

You are my only lady

And this next part makes complete sense since we have just exited the Overdose Era of mazes and confusion and lust and infatuation and poisonous, toxic love (only to return again later…but we’ll get there.)

Call Me Baby is a celebration of being with someone who is finally keeping it 100. He is in love. Her character is mature in that she sheds light on what is right. It’s interesting to me that EXO specifies that they will leave a portion of their heart open to her when Tao hints to their heart actually being empty. Perhaps because of all of the setbacks EXO has endured, they still have a little bit of reservation of allowing someone in even if their intentions seem genuine….(they’ve heard it all before..) But it’s also obvious that despite their reservations, they still cannot deny the awe-inspiring too good to be true jubilant feeling that this it. Her voice alone is the cause for their rebirth and seems to cast out most of their doubt. Her voice calling them her “baby” and claiming ownership of him the way he is willing to do for her is what they are seeking. In a dangerous chaotic world where you’re sometimes unsure of who your allies and enemies are…it’s calming to have someone be up front about their feelings and label things what they are. He is asking her to depend on him even and to call on him as he wants to depend on her as well, his light to balance out the darkness not only in the world but possibly within himself too.

Innocently (really) he’s begging her throughout the song to not deny him. He’s saying that he’s been around the world and seen all that is out there and that in the brief lust filled moment that they met, she has been the one saving grace he has been searching for.




빛나는 것들은 많아

binnaneun geotdeureun manha

There are many who shine

그 안에 진짜를 봐봐

geu ane jinjjareul bwabwa

but look at what’s real among them




shēn xiàn hēi àn mí gōng lǐ miàn de

Trapped inside a dark maze

Oh 我

Oh wǒ

Oh I



zài wú jì hēi àn lǐ

am in darkness



ěr biān chuán lái

Passing through my ears



nǐ huàn xǐng wǒ de shēng yīn

you awaken my voice



wǒ jiù shì yīn nǐ ér chòng shēng

I am born because of you






Say my name




cóng zhè hún luàn de kōng jiān lǐ miàn

From inside the chaotic space


jiù chū wǒ méi yǒu fàng qì wǒ

you rescued me and haven’t given up on me


chéng wéi zhè zhào liàng zhe wǒ de guāng xiàn

you become the light that illuminates me


What up


拥着你 再也不会变

yōng zhe nǐ zài yě bú huì biàn

I will hold onto you and never change

拥着你 再次面对那些

yōng zhe nǐ zài cì miàn duì nà xiē

I will hold onto you and face those


lí kāi wǒ de měi zhāng liǎn

who left me


Never don’t mind about a thing



bǎ nǐ tián mǎn wǒ nèi xīn wéi nǐ liú xià de kōng jiān

you will fill the space in my empty heart



zài zhè wēi xiǎn hún luàn shì jiè lǐ

In this dangerous chaotic world


Whoo baby


闪亮无比唯一的光彩 就是你

shǎn liàng wú bǐ wéi yī de guāng cǎi, jiù shì nǐ

The only shining incomparable brilliance is you

Girl you’re the one I want

Yet another fateful encounter for EXO.

So thankful for the collaborations happening with producers and songwriters across the world. Of course I’d like to highlight the original songwriters of this demo (Jason J Lopez and Dantae Johnson as well as the original producer Teddy Riley -who has worked with labelmates Girl’s Generation and Shinee and f(x) Teddy Riley is not a game y’all…look into his work…he has worked with THE greats. EXO has been so blessed.)

This has been your Admin Pisces


**Experience Complete Otherworldly Lyrical Transfiguration**

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