This song is really adorable.


EXO has confessed their feelings for the person that they are interested in the most…but they haven’t truly confessed. It’s like they’ve held something back.



하루하루 몰래 쓴 편지

haruharu mollae sseun pyeonji

Day by day, I secretly wrote you a letter

그렇게 끄트막에 적었지

geureoke ggeuteumage jeogeotji

And that’s what I wrote at the end

그래봤자 준 적 없지만 ah

geuraebwatja jun jeok eobtjiman ah

Although I’ve never given it to you

But in their dreams at night they are haunted by everything they haven’t said. And likewise as they did in Growl…they just want to hold that person tight. They want to kiss and hug (funny how this is what the albums were called as well.) It also seems like the person that EXO is interested in is interested in them as well. But it also seems like EXO is second guessing themselves in this song.


别再等候 无谓的磋跎 yeah

Bie zai deng hou wu wei de cuo tuo yeah

Stop waiting, this is pointless deliberation yeah



Shi fou gai gu qi yong qi xiang ni tou di

Should I gather up the courage to deliver it to you?

像写著密码 语无伦次的信

Xiang xie zhe mi ma yu wu lun ci de xin

It’s like writing a password, an incoherent letter

这区区几个字 掳获你并不容易

Zhe qu qu ji ge zi lu huo ni bing bu rong yi

With just these mere words capturing your essence is not easy


Dan wo you nan ren gai you de yi li

But I have the perseverance of a man



Ji shi shen xian zai meng li

Even when I’m deep in a dream

It’s like they are having a one-sided conversation with themselves about how they should move forward. It’s as if they’ve already made their confession but they did it half-heartedly, as they described before. They didn’t tell her everything that she needed to know. And now they are regretting and thinking about how they can possibly bring this woman they find so dazzling closer to them so they can love on her as they talk about throughout the song. There are even a couple lines where it seems like they are begging her silently to consider them and what they have to say and to accept them in the end. Which makes me think that EXO meant to tell her how they felt but some circumstance got in the way and they decided to be friends…perhaps even distant acquaintances.



그래 요새 넌 어때 별일 없었어

geurae yosae neon eottae byeoril eobseosseo

How are you these days? Anything special?

참 뻔한 말들만 머릿속을 스쳐

cham ppeonhan maldeulman meorissogeul seuchyeo

Only those typical words pass through my head

사실 내 맘은 깊어 deeper than the sea

sasil nae mameun gipeo deeper than the sea

Actually, my heart is deep, deeper than the sea

꼭 하고 싶던 말 그건 be with me

kkok hago sipdeon mal geugeon be with me

The words that I really want to say is be with me



最近你好吗 多么平凡的问答

Zui jin ni hao ma duo muo ping fan de wen da

“How have you been doing lately?”, such a mundane question

為何脑海盘据 都是普通话题

Wei he nao hai pan ju dou shi pu tong hua ti

Why is a mind a blank disk full of only ordinary topics

Something that I find interesting as Admin Aqua and I have gone through EXO’s discography is the recurring themes and elements. One of the elements is that of the moon. I guess that isn’t too suprising because we are in the era where EXO are presenting themselves as wolves. The two seem to go together.



无比耀眼 你出现 在我面前

Wu bi yao yan ni chu xian zai wo mian qian

Incomparably dazzling you appear in front of me

眼裡的月 衬托出 你的皎洁

Yan li de yue chen tuo chu ni de jiao jie

The moon in your eyes brings out your brightness

照亮著我 对我说 你為我著魔

Zhao liang zhe wo dui wo shuo ni wei wo zhao mo

It shines on me saying to me ”You’re infatuated”



눈이 부셔 내 앞에 반쯤 감긴

nuni busyeo nae ape banjjeum gamgin

You’re dazzling, you’re in front of me

사랑스런 네 눈을 비춘 달님

sarangseureon ne nuneul bichun dallim

The moon shines in your half-closed and lovable eyes

말해줄래 꼭 이게 시작이라고

malhaejullae kkok ige sijagirago

I want to tell you that this is the beginning

One truly hopes after listening to this song, that it will be the beginning of something beautiful for EXO. That their feelings will be returned sincerely and they’ll finally have someone special to call their own who is faithful and devoted to them.






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