XOXO Cont’d

**Singing** XOXO XOXO XOXO yeah!


Oh come on, you know this is one of those feel good songs that makes you think of young high school love. Who hasn’t given or received messages ending in XOXO. You know these kind of messages. The ones that you secretly find in your locker or is handed to you in class.


**Sigh** Oh the fond memories……

But back to the song.

**Warning: You know the drill, this is an aural analysis based discussion. It wouldn’t be if…….**sigh**

And we’re back to keeping the instrumentation simple. They only used a keyboard, electronic drums, chime effect and my favorite, the snaps effect. Block chords are played on the keyboard keeping the accompaniment uncomplicated. The drums’ sole purpose is to maintain the rhythm. The chime effect gives the listener a feeling of innocence and freshness.

The vocals on this song are straightforward. There are too many runs or ad libs heard. It is interesting the way they mix spoken and rap sections within the verses.

EXO-M Version


轻轻吻着你的 X 叫 kiss

Qing qing wen zhe ni de X jiao kiss

Lightly kissing you X is called kiss

紧紧拥抱你的 O 叫 hug

Jin jin yong bao ni de O jiao hug

Tightly hugging you O is called hug

想说的话 或许你懂吧

Xiang shuo de hua huo xu ni dong ba

The words I want to say perhaps you already know



Yi tian yi feng xie xia de zhen xin

One day, in a letter, I hid my sincere feelings

隐藏在 最后一句的爱意

Yin cang zai zui hou yi ju de ai yi

Behind the last line’s expression of affection

却寄不到你心的距离 ah

Que ji bu dao ni xin de ju li ah

But I can’t send it across the distance to your heart ah


最近你好吗 多么平凡的问答

Zui jin ni hao ma duo muo ping fan de wen da

“How have you been doing lately?”, such a mundane question

為何脑海盘据 都是普通话题

Wei he nao hai pan ju dou shi pu tong hua ti

Why is a mind a blank disk full of only ordinary topics

我的心深邃神秘 deeper than the sea

Wo de xin shen sui shen mi deeper than the sea

When my heart is deep and mysterious, deeper than the sea

想对你说这一句 be with me

Xiang dui ni suo zhe yi ju be with me

I want to say something to you be with me

EXO-K Version


살며시 입맞춘 X는 kiss

salmyeosi immatchun X-neun kiss

An X is kiss for a soft kiss

동그랗게 안은 O는 hug

donggeurake aneun O-neun hug

An O is for a circled hug

혹시 벌써 알고 있을까 oh

hoksi beolsseo algo isseulkka oh

Maybe you already know


하루하루 몰래 쓴 편지

haruharu mollae sseun pyeonji

Day by day, I secretly wrote you a letter

그렇게 끄트막에 적었지

geureoke ggeuteumage jeogeotji

And that’s what I wrote at the end

그래봤자 준 적 없지만 ah

geuraebwatja jun jeok eobtjiman ah

Although I’ve never given it to you


그래 요새 넌 어때 별일 없었어

geurae yosae neon eottae byeoril eobseosseo

How are you these days? Anything special?

참 뻔한 말들만 머릿속을 스쳐

cham ppeonhan maldeulman meorissogeul seuchyeo

Only those typical words pass through my head

사실 내 맘은 깊어 deeper than the sea

sasil nae mameun gipeo deeper than the sea

Actually, my heart is deep, deeper than the sea

꼭 하고 싶던 말 그건 be with me

kkok hago sipdeon mal geugeon be with me

The words that I really want to say is be with me

It’s almost as if Chanyeol, Kai, Sehun, Kris, Xiumin and Tao are that friend of the guy confessing going, “Ok, you’re not getting to the point. Look, this is what it is. He likes you. There, it’s done.” I will admit that I was, correction, am that friend to many of mine. 😜

In listening to this song, you really get the feeling that a guy and his friends are singing this song to the object of one of the guys’ affections. Not gonna lie. If had happened to me in high school to confess his feelings, I more than likely would’ve said yes. Hell, if it were to happen today I’d think it was cute and might say yes, depending on my mood…..



**Experience Otherworldly Aural Transfiguration**

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