Unfortunately I’m very distracted this week. So this lyric analysis has been put off for quite some time and probably won’t be as in depth and enthusiastic as the others….forgive me.


Also honestly whenever I think back to this new era and this particular song, I dread looking at the M/V because of Kai’s horrid hair styling. (I know that it’s long over and they haven’t styled his hair like that again, thank goodness. But I’m still bitter about that. I want to know who that stylist was that braided hair into the very ends of his hair. I want to know why he wasn’t washing his hair. I want to know why he was even chosen to wear that style. That was such a terrible styling choice. Not sorry.) Since Admin Aqua and I will be looking at the M/V later on I had to bring it up to explain why I’m kinda put off writing about this song.

However it helps me (just a tiny bit) to watch this video so I can even be motivated to work on this song.

When I first started looking at the lyrics, the Korean version and translation didn’t give me much of a story to go off of. So I began this analysis looking purely at the Chinese version (but I’ll incorporate the Korean lyrics and translations as well)

I do feel right off the bat without dipping too much into the lyrics that this is a more aggressive side of EXO that we have yet to see from their debut up to this point. In the past it’s been all hearts and roses and daffodils. Sweet dreamy lines and sugary promises (save for MAMA, History, Machine and Two Moons of course which while aggressive ((Two Moons in particular)) were not aggressive towards their love interest but towards their competition and those standing in the way of their goals.)

The target of their aggression is their love interest.

Essentially, in my humble opinion, she is their prey. Almost to be perceived like a plaything in some lines.


Hao xiang zou ru ni gei de mi gong
It seems I’ve walked into your maze


Diao jin xian jing zhi hou zheng zha zhi hui geng tong

After falling into the trap, struggling will only hurt more



kan kan ta de yan zhong de kong ju

Look at the the fear in her eyes

在左顾右盼 却是 找不到路逃离

Zai zuo gu you pan que shi zhao bu dao lu tao li

Looking around but she still cannot find a way to escape


bie da rao

Don’t bother me

告诉我 她是猎物 别再多心

gao su wo ta shi lie wu bie zai duo xin

tell me she’s just prey, don’t think too much

And her beauty (since the song is called The Wolf and The Beauty) is what traps him. He (EXO) is the wretched Beast ensnared and bewitched (kind of like Machine) by this astounding Beauty that he may only love because of her appearance. And the Beauty’s very existence disturbs their own. Even the moon taunts him.



这黄色满月 在嘲笑我

Zhe huang se man yue zai chao xiao wo

This yellow moon is laughing at me


huo de bu xiang ye shou tong kuai

‘Not living happily as a beast’



Zhi zhui qiu zhe yang huang miao de ai

Only chasing after this absurd love


I do feel that after realizing this love that the Wolf has for the Beauty, he notices how grotesque his animalistic instincts are. He realizes that he wants to be something other than what he is at the same time that he wants to relish being the Beast that he is. Her love or his love for her makes him want to change who he is or to resist the Moon’s call that urges him to change himself into the Beast. It’s almost like he hates her for being the mirror to show him how ugly he is. He chastises himself too in the EXO-K version (as if he’s better than falling for a human.)





Ye xing de ben neng nan kang ju

It’s hard to resist my wild instincts


Duo muo xiang yao yi kou tun xia tian de xiang mi de ni

How much I want to take a bite of the sweet as honey you


先闻香味 欣赏你的细腻

Xian wen xiang wei xin shang ni de xi ni

First smell the perfume,I enjoy your exquisiteness

我用品尝红酒 那样的优雅享用你

Wo yong pin chang hong jiu na yang de you ya xiang yong ni

I enjoy your elegance like the usual red wine


啊 为何我 那双臂 失去力气

Ah wei he wo na shuang bi shi qu li qi

Ah why should I lose the strength in my arms

没了食欲 eh~ 不见了

mei le shi yu eh~ bu jian le

and lose my appetite eh~ it’s gone


Wo zen me hui shi chang guai yi

How could I become so strange,

不像自己 是否得病

bu xiang zi ji shi fou de bing

so unlike myself, maybe I’m sick


啊~ 怎么办好!

Ah zen me ban hao!

Ah, what’s the best thing to do?



Kuai xing guo lai

Hurry and wake up

别乱猜 这种感觉 绝对不可能是爱

bie luan cai zhe zhong gan jue jue dui bu ke neng shi ai

don’t just randomly guess, there’s no way this kind of feeling could be love



Ta zhi shi jin ye de wan can

She’s just tonight’s dinner



촉이와 단번에 느껴

chogiwa danbeone neukkyeo

I get a feeling all at once, in one bite

널 한입에 치즈처럼 집어넣을테다

neol hanibe chijeuchoreom jibeoneoeulteda

I will put you in my mouth like cheese

향기맡고 색깔 음미하고

hyangimatgo, saekkal eumihago

I’ll smell your scent, enjoy your color

와인보다 우아하게 잡아먹을테다

wainboda wooahage jabameogeulteda

and eat you more elegantly than drinking wine


아 그런데 발톱에 힘이 빠져

ah keureonde baltobe himi bbajyeo

But I have lost strength in my claw

입맛까지 yeah 없어져

ibmatkkaji yeah eobseojyeo

my appetite is disappearing

혹시 내가 아픈걸까 병이라도 걸린거니

hoksi naega apeungeolkka byeongirado geollingeoni

Am I sick? Do I have an illness?


yeah 큰일났대

yeah keunilnatdae

Yeah, he’s in big trouble




Snap out of it

어쩌다 인간에게 맘을 뺏겨버렸나

eojjeoda inganege mameul bbatgyeobeoryeonna

how could your heart be stolen by a human?


그녀는 한입거리 뿐이라고

geunyeoneun hanibgeori bbunirako

She is just one bite





Pin ming xiang zhuan bian wo

Desperately wants to change me


dan ta zai ye kong zhi shang fa le feng

But it has gone crazy in the night sky


可是无法阻止 让我爱她

Ke shi wu fa zu zhi rang wo ai ta

But is unable to stop me from loving her



Hao xiang zou ru ni gei de mi gong

It seems I’ve walked into your maze


Diao jin xian jing zhi hou zheng zha zhi hui geng tong

After falling into the trap, struggling will only hurt more


我目睹内心 原来那个我

Wo mu du nei xin yuan lai na ge wo

I look into my inner soul


man man zhang kai ru huo yan ban de tong kong

the other me is slowly opening its eyes full of flame



Wo xin li xiang na yi tou shou

In my heart I am thinking that beast


jiang hui si lie wo de shen ti

will eventually tear my body apart


但她 不明白 我已经陷入了狂恋

Dan ta bu ming bai wo yi jing xian ru le kuang lian

But she doesn’t understand I’ve already fallen into a violent love


只想 完美的完美的完美的 你

Zhi xiang wan mei de wan mei de wan mei de ni

I only think about the perfect perfect perfect you


成为 我的爱我的爱我的爱 woo

Cheng wei wo de ai wo de ai wo de ai woo

Becoming my love my love my love woo

Part of me also feels like he was considering destroying her (I mean look at the whole of the first part of this song. There are so many food references here that one can’t help but believe the Wolf was hunting her with the full intent of destroying her and ridding himself of his weakness and his obsession with her. I use the word obsession since the word perfect is repeated numerous times.) Perhaps they shared feelings for one another. Perhaps initially her feelings were greater than his at one point because he dismissed her, she was beneath him. Solely prey to the predator. But then after awhile of being around her and observing her…he began to fall for her charms and fell into a maze much like she had done. But perhaps for her the passion had long ended whereas his was just getting started.


저 노란달이 나를 놀려

jeo norandari nareul nollyeo

That yellow moon teases me

너를 가질수 없다고

neoreul gajilsu eobdago

telling me I can’t have you


나는 그냥 거친 야수인데

naneun geunyang geochin yasuinde

“You’re just a wild beast”


그딴 말할거면 꺼져

deuddan malhalgeomyeon kkeojyeo

If you’re gonna say then, just go away

필요하다면 날 바꿔

piryohadamyeon nal bakkweo

if I need to, I’ll change myself

^^ So these are some interesting lines I just wanted to close out with. Interesting because of the parts D.O. sings (they seem to fit his personality honestly, especially when he’s had about enough)


Unfortunately this theme will persist throughout EXO’s discography of EXO portraying an aggressive nature towards their love interest at the same time that they cherish and adore her. It’s not necessarily love-hate because the love interest appears to be a different person (personality) from time to time.

Can you tell that I’m ready to be done with this song….?

**Experiences Otherworldly Lyrical Transfiguration**

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