Wolf Cont’d

As Admin Pisces said, this has been a distracting week. So we apologize in advance for a more shallow analysis of this song but we wanted to keep our promise.

Kicking off the new album is Wolf. Let’s be honest, when you saw Wolf you already started singing CHOGIWA!!! I know, I know, everyone does it. You’re not alone.

You already know what you’re in for when you hear the first growl, lone woodwind and the heavy tribal inspired beats. A primal fest. High pitched electronic shrieks are introduced further solidifying the “horror” of meeting of Wolf. Soon, the song is a synthesis of these primal influences and dubstep. The intensity of these elements continue to build climaxing on the return to the chorus after the vamp assaulting the listener with the overpowering war that has come to a head within the wolf.

Now the vocals… Sadly there is a certain intensity that is missing in the rap lines. This song was undoubtedly a departure from the songs on their debut mini album, and with age comes understanding.  I mention this because we will definitely see growth in the rap line in the coming albums. {Already thinking ahead to the golden rap line in EX’ACT}

The vocal line certainly delivered in this song. From the first sung note they undeniably aren’t holding back any punches.The vocals are full and robust. The second half of the song is profuse with powerful held high notes. (I’m looking at you, Baekhyun and Chen)

They attack each syllable passionately while maintaining the line of the phrase. Something as a vocal pedagogue I know is not an easy task.

Overall, Wolf is well, Wolf.


**Experience Otherworldly Aural Transfiguration**

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