Peter Pan

The true story of Peter Pan is unfortunately not as bright and cheery as Disney or any other adaptation of the story have wanted us to believe.



The original story features a lot of attempted murder before eventual murder as well as racism and underage kidnapping.


I will spare you all of those details for now though (mostly because I want to keep it light since this is already a heavy song.)

I feel that we can take the translation quite literally in this song. EXO has happened upon an old item that belonged to someone who was once very dear to them.  (In EXO-K’s translation it appears that it is EXO’s diary that has the memories of their love interest from their childhood days recorded.)


낡은 일기장 먼지를 털어내

nalgeun ilgijang meonjireul teoreonae

I brush off my worn out diary and suddenly

문득 펼친 곳 그 속엔 해맑게

mundeuk pyeolchin got geu sogen haemalkge

In the opened pages

네가 있어

nega isseo

You clearly are there

A diary is usually something someone keeps that holds private records of their everyday life on the surface and their reflections of their inner thoughts. Keeping all of that in mind, it’s an interesting item to leave behind for someone to casually happen upon. Perhaps it was intentional.

But I do not think that EXO and their love interest is Wendy and Peter Pan (unlike the story of Baby Don’t Cry.)

I think the way EXO and their love interest in this song relate to the two characters from that story is that their love story is similar to theirs.

She was part of his life at one point, perhaps during an innocent part of his life. It’s as if she’s frozen there in time with him, as Peter Pan was frozen in time. Forever youthful.

Look at all of the references here…

난 영원한 너의 피터팬

nan yeongwonhan neoui piteopaen

I’m your eternal Peter Pan

그 시간에 멈춘 네 남자

geu sigane meomchun ne namja

your man who has stopped in time

서툴지만 너무 사랑했던

seotuljiman neomu saranghaetdeon

I may be clumsy but I loved you so much


Hui yi dou hai zai

All the memories are still there


wo men bi ci ning

Our smiles as we stared at each other


wang wei xiao dou hai zai

Are still here


fei guo ji yi de hai

Fly over the sea of memories


qu kan wu ke ti dai de ai

go to see your irreplaceable love



Qi fu ni de ren dou bei

Those who bullied you


wo da bai gan pao

Were all defeated by me and chased away


Na yi duan ji yi zai xin li

That memory is still clear


qing xi wan hao

And intact in my heart

As always, EXO’s dialogue is one-sided and is reminiscent of a time when he was with his intended versus processing what is happening in the present.

EXO also has this “savior complex” which “is a psychological construct which makes a person feel the need to save other people. This person has a strong tendency to seek people who desperately need help and to assist them, often sacrificing their own needs for these people.”

You see it appear time and time again throughout their songs and this song is no exception.



Na tian ni ba xin

That day you gave


jiao gei le wo bao cun

Me your heart to keep


fu shang ni de qin wen

Attaching your kisses



Zai ni de shen bian

When I’m next to you


xin jiu xiang fei shang yun cai

My heart feels like it’s flying through the clouds


Wo wei yi de gong zhu ni bi

You, my one and only princess


wen di geng ke ai

Are even cuter than Wendy


Xin tiao bu yi dou zhi shi yin wei ni

My heart only beats for you


shuang yan kan dao ni cai you le guang cai

My eyes only glow after I see you

And she has moved on, though it’s not indicated why she leaves him. But it is apparent that she left some time ago.



Lao qu de ri ji

An old diary


zai qiang jiao bei yi wang

Was forgotten in a corner


Fan kai bei hui chen

Flip open the past


fu gai diao de guo wang

That has been overwritten by dust

And perhaps she left him for the very same reason that Wendy (I’m looking mostly at the Disney adaptation here) left Peter Pan. All that he offered her was a fairytale. A child’s dream. A world without expectations and responsibilities. A world where everyday was spent just as you chose. But in that fairytale you remain as you are. You remain static, stagnant. You never live up to your fullest potential. You don’t have the emotional maturity or ability to contemplate the tragic beauty that is life. You don’t get to see that you can mix a little of your fantasy into your reality. You don’t get to progress forward. And you miss out. Honestly. It’s like that joke everyone always says. “Man I wish I could go back to Kindergarten! Bring back naps and snack time! Bring back coloring books and playgrounds!” But we forget that that doesn’t have to just exist in our Neverland. We don’t have to create a fairytale world apart from our daily lives and remain their within our minds, numb to everything that is happening to us on a daily basis. We can, if we choose and if we truly desire it, try to allow our inner “Peter Pan” to live while also maturing as Wendy finally decided to do. Because I don’t know about you….but it was sad to me to read the translations below about EXO’s hearts’ pounding in anticipation at the mere thought of possibly seeing a glimpse of someone they hadn’t seen in a long time only to come to the realization that it is probably not them. We can all relate to that as well. You’ve grown up with someone in childhood and for whatever reason you drift apart. Perhaps one person remains stuck in the past while the other has grown and adjusted fully to their new life, made new friends, etc. And you recognize that old person you used to know because you never let go of what was but that person has. And for a moment there you’re fighting with the memory and the reality. (EXO Next Door anyone…?)



널 찾아간다 추억이 보낸 팅커벨

neol chajaganda chueogi bonaen tingkeobel

following Tinkerbell who was sent by the memories

따라나섰던 Neverland

ttaranaseotdeon Neverland

I’ll go looking for you to Neverland

그 곳에 내가

geu gose naega

At that place

너와 바라보며 웃고 있어

neowa barabomyeo utgo isseo

you and I are smiling at each other

Baby boo 我心跳过速

Baby boo wo xin tiao guo su

Baby boo my heart is speeding

像画中走出一样的 you

xiang hua zhong zou chu yi yang de you

The you who seems like you just stepped out of a painting



Na shi ni shuang mu

Back then your eyes


xiang wei xiao dui wo da zhao hu

Were like a smile waving at me


Xian zai ye hai wei ni xin li kai yi shan

Even now I still leave open a window in my heart


chuang yi zhi dou deng zhe ni fei dao

Waiting for you to come through



Zhuang zai wo tong hua li de ni

The you who is built into my fairytale

飞在我天空 sweety girl

fei zai wo tian kong sweety girl

Fly into my sky sweety girl


Wo de xin hai zai ji dong tiao dong

My heart is still throbbing


zhe gu du dao yu me you le ni

This lonely island doesn’t have you anymore



Ke zai wo ji yi li de ni

The you who is engraved into my memories

永远抹不去 pretty girl

yong yuan mo bu qu pretty girl

You can never be erased pretty girl



Fan guo you ni zui hou yi duan

I flipped to the last bit about you


Sui ran hui you yi dian yi han

Although I’ll feel a bit of regret


Ba bei shang jie san

I’m going to dissolve the sadness


yong xi wang de yu yan qu xiu gai ti dai

And use the language of hope to fix and substitute

Reading the lines above gives me hope too though. I feel that EXO truly cherishes this person and wants to be part of their new life. They realize that the old person they had come to love has changed. (I think when we all realize that “death” is truly a natural part of life, it will get easier for all of us. Old things must die away in order for new life to come in. Think about it. Even in interactions like this…you are not meant to stay the exact same person you were as when you were born. Could you imagine all of us going around as babies with barely formed spines and craniums trying to navigate the world? Our mentality and personality changes as we develop as well, equipping us with the ability to take on the challenges of our environment. We are constantly growing as old pieces of us die away and make way for something new…there are so many explanations and rationales for why this is so but I will just end with that.) And I think in their own way, EXO has decided to accept the changes that this person they adore has gone through and that they are willing to change (though they are quite impatient…so still a little bit of the impetulant child survives lol which honestly….that’s to be expected)


Rang shi jian de fa tiao kuai zhuan

Let time fast forward


Wo men de gu shi hai you yi ban

We still have half of our story left


Mou ge zhuan wan

At some turn


ming yun hai zai deng dai

Fate is still waiting


yi ding hui you mei li an pai

They definitely have a beautiful plan for us

I also feel like this song is relatable because we all may or may not have that one person whom we really wish it would’ve worked out with. Whether that person was a childhood love interest or whether that person was a childhood friend or even another individual. There’s a chance that this discussion brought up memories of someone that you still wonder about from time to time. Someone who once made you feel the way EXO talks about feeling in this song. There was a Pure Love once. A genuine, innocent love. Someone you connected with for a moment in time but for one reason or another you drifted apart because hey that’s life. Things change. I guess this song speaks to those memories that we all have and kind of challenges us to move forward. EXO seemed to be able to get closure in this song (though I’m not sure if EXO got closure because she came back and spoke to them or they decided to go seek her out in order to get closure.) I always think that you should go for it and take that chance. Reach out to that person and even if they don’t respond….well…you did it. Make your peace with it and go on with your life. There are so many more adventures to be had when we aren’t hanging on to the past. There is so much out there to explore. There is so much more beauty to be seen and felt. Find it. Whatever that “it” is.

**Experiences Otherworldly Lyrical Transfiguration**

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