Peter Pan Cont’d

The song I always tell Admin Pisces is an illusion. It’s deceptively happy, and if you’ve read Pisces’ Lyrical Analysis you should know why. The lyrics say one thing but the music portrays another. Or does it?

**Warning: Keep in mind that this is strictly an aural analysis. It would be nice if I could do more but c’est la vie……

We get instrumentation that brings 3.6.5. to mind. Once again, the song is started with a guitar. Referring back to Admin Pisces’ analysis, the music itself is EXO’s sense of nostalgia. The words betray the truth of the matter but the music, the music is a mirror of the past when they were together. His mind is still in yesterday meditating on the happy times they had.

With this song we see the return of the lines; vocal line and rap line. The dynamics and phrasing stay the same not indicating a steady incline towards the climax. Note that the vocal climax of the song occurs after the rap section.

EXO-K Version

아직도 설레여 가슴
ajikdo seolleyeo gaseum
My heart still rushes

한켠 너 없는 이곳은
hankyeon neo eobtneun igoseun
The corner of my heart without you is

시계의 태엽 도는 사이
sigyeui taeyeop doneun sai
While the clock’s springs were turning

How much

did you change?

널 써내려간
neol sseonaeryeogan
I turned the last page

EXO-M Version

Wo de xin hai zai ji dong tiao dong
My heart is still throbbing

zhe li mei you ni
This place has no you

Fan guo you ni zui hou yi duan
I flipped to the last bit about you

Sui ran hui you yi dian yi han
Although I’ll feel a bit of regret

Ba bei shang jie san
I’m going to dissolve the sadness

yong xi wang de yu yan qu xiu gai ti dai
And use the language of hope to fix and substitute

Rang shi jian de fa tiao kuai zhuan
Let time fast forward

It is only when he is confronted with the fact that they are no longer living their love story that we see the climax. All along there is a constancy in the unchanging vocals that denotes them being comfortable in their nostalgia. But this breaks once reality sets in.

For such a simple and happy seeming song it sure does delve into some deep issues. As I always told Pisces, they song is a deception. I mean look how happy they look performing it.

Lies, all lies. But therein is the problem. He is deceiving himself in living in yesterday during this song.

Also, is it just me or does it seem like they are going through a lot of Disney movies?

Beauty and the Beast (Wolf )

The Little Mermaid (Baby Don’t Cry)

The Pirates of the Caribbean (Black Pearl)

Peter Pan (Well, Peter Pan)

Cinderella (Peter Pan)

Could it be a coincidence? Even though they would later team up with Disney for Lightsaber? I don’t know, you tell me…..


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