My Lady

Ok so I messed myself up when I started watching the live performance of this song yet again (Lost Planet in Seoul)



Anyways….lyrics. Right? Lyrics….(I’m focused. I promise…maybe a little too focused.)


For some reason this song makes me think of a young man desiring his long unrequited love of a more mature woman to be returned.

(Which, now that I’m looking back at it, does fit in with Peter Pan and Baby…perhaps EXO is seeing how much their innocent childhood love interest has changed…and wants her to take him seriously…not so much of a stretch huh?)

The tone of the song…its instrumentation…it’s not the bubbly, bright and easygoing cheer that 3.6.5. had.

This song is passionate and filled with longing that is anything but what we have seen in songs like Angel or What Is Love.

Another reason why I began this lyric analysis by watching the performance video is because of the choreography for this song.

At the beginning, the members appear to be innocently and yet enticingly serenading the crowd while tossing single red roses into the audience.

Their gazes are alluring, their movements sensuous as they move in rhythmic unison towards the main stage where the rest of the members wait. All the while as the song builds to its subdued climax, the audience sees a woman in formal dress, styled hair and makeup who seems to be the object of EXO’s attention (she spends her time preparing for EXO’s arrival to the main stage by beautifying and primping as we see in the video too.) Her fashion alone informs the audience that both she and EXO are preparing for something grand. (EXO typically wears suits during this sequence as well.)

As the smaller group of EXO members (mostly EXO-M members) moves towards the main stage and finds their assigned place, two mirrors appear that equally display all the members of EXO. Not only is EXO on full display to the audience….but they are in full display to the woman who turns her attention towards them as they peer up at her. She literally looks down on them.


It’s not a suggestion. And it’s not really subtle. Their thrusts, and writhing about before this woman insinuate to me and perhaps to anyone who was watching that it’s about that time….

在纯白 如雪 指尖

zai chun bai ru xue zhi jian

on those fingertips as white as snow

融化掉的 chocolate

rong hua diao de chocolate

Melted chocolate

you’re walking into my door oh yeah


She’s my lady

在溢满 光彩 唇边

zai yi man guang cai chun bian

lips overflowing with shine

我是俘虏 早已沦陷

wo shi fu lu zao yi lun xian

I’m a prisoner, already long fallen for you

I’m running into your heart oh yeah

What’s also interesting as we look at these lyrics are the lyrics that seem to transfer to later songs. “I’m running into your heart, oh yeah” does that not remind anyone of “I’m creeping in your heart babe”?




(Could this unrequited love be an obsession..? Something that consumes them in its intensity…? We grow closer to Monster as we move through the discography from the preceding years.)

It seems that this woman has underestimated EXO time and time again. And while she brushed him off and religiously pursued friendship after their first chance meeting, EXO continued to make their feelings clear. They desired her full undivided attention. They wanted her to only focus her eyes on him. To choose him as her sole protector. To be her shining knight (remember too that according to what we learned in Baby, both EXO and their love interest have forgotten one another as he moved across the space-time barrier from Neverland to the real world. Although it seems that EXO was more aware and eager as he tried to relay to her that, “but oh, we’ve met before. And it’s just as you said, it happened once upon a dream…in Neverland.”)







让我 多看你 一眼

rang wo duo kan ni yi yan

Let me look at you just a bit more

don’t lie


cheng shi yi dian

Be honest

it’s gonna be easy

第一次 体会感受 甜蜜的 harmony

di yi ci ti hui gan shou tian mi de harmony

The first time experiencing feelings of such sweet harmony

I’m sure you’re saying (as you’re fanning yourself) “Ok Pisces, but what makes you think she’s an older woman…? I still don’t get it…?

As I stated before, the tone of this song seems to demonstrate to me that she is an older woman. It’s called “My Lady,” for one.

Lady has multiple definitions and connotations all of which I will put here:




noun: lady; plural noun: ladies; noun: one’s lady; plural noun: one’s ladies; noun: Ladies; plural noun: the Ladies


a woman (used as a polite or old-fashioned form of reference).

“I spoke to the lady at the travel agency”


woman, female; More


an informal, often brusque, form of address to a woman.

“I’m sorry, lady, but you have the wrong number”


a woman of superior social position, especially one of noble birth.

“lords and ladies and royalty were once entertained at the house”


noblewoman, duchess, countess, peeress, viscountess, baroness;

archaic gentlewoman

“lords and ladies”

a courteous, decorous, or genteel woman.

“his wife was a real lady, with such nice manners”

(in the UK) a title used by peeresses, female relatives of peers, the wives and widows of knights, etc.

noun: Lady

“Lady Caroline Lamb”



a man’s wife.

“welcoming the vice president and his lady”

a woman with whom a man is romantically or sexually involved.

noun: lady friend; plural noun: lady friends

“the young man bought a rose for his lady”


a woman to whom a man, especially a knight, is chivalrously devoted.

Clearly from the definitions Google provided there a couple of things suggesting that this is a woman EXO respects and cherishes dearly, even if she diminishes their relationship to friendship. And honestly I feel like it was a progression from my princess (Peter Pan,) to my baby (Baby) and now here we are with My Lady.


친구가 아냐

chinguga anya

I’m not a friend


남자이고 싶어 너에겐

namjaigo sipeo neoegen

I want to be a man to you


어떤 사람이 아냐

eotteon sarami anya

I’m not just some person


오직 단 한 사람

ojik dan han saram

I’m the only one person

널 지켜줄

neol jikyeojul

to protect you


친구가 아냐

chinguga anya

I’m not a friend

When EXO says that they want to be a man to this woman….it further affirms my perception that EXO could be younger than the woman they are admiring. While I do not think she sees them as a younger brother (therefore eliminating any possibility for a romantic attachment,) I do think that she finds EXO immature and incapable of “satisfying her needs.” We have part of the Beagle line pleading their case after all (it seems that they are pleading their case in Peter Pan’s voice/frame of mind since EXO did mention protecting her from bullies and villains in Peter Pan and here again EXO reminds her of how things used to be when she trusted and depended on him.)  But I think despite obvious signs that EXO is immature (according to the story of their discography, they honestly haven’t had much experience or success as of yet) and are not ready to take on the depth and complexity that is her (he just arrived from Neverland after all,) she is still curious as to what it would be like. Hence the chocolate on her finger tips. Almost like its an invitation. As if she’s using chocolate the way EXO used their roses. They’re tit for tat.

Combining food and pleasure is not a new concept for many people either.

“It has been scientifically proven that eating chocolate releases endorphins in the body. Endorphins are chemicals in the body that make us feel good and give us an increased sense of pleasure. Those feelings are so strong in some of us that we experience what’s called a chocogasm: a near orgasmic feeling when we smell and taste fine artisanal chocolate, and allow it to slowly melt on our tongues.”

Chocolate gets right to the heart of sexual pleasure by increasing the brain’s level of serotonin, the feel-good brain chemical. Serotonin plays a major role in positive mood, emotional health, proper sleep and balanced appetite, contributing to numerous behavioral and physiological functions. Decreased serotonin is a well known factor in cases of depression. Increased brain serotonin promoted by chocolate increases sexual excitation, desire and responsiveness. Women have more serotonin in their systems than men and appear to be more sensitive to chocolate. Many people consume chocolate as a form of self medication, whether they are aware of the fact or not. Chocolate’s serotonin elevating activity helps to modify mood in positive ways and acts as a sexual sweetener. These serotonin-related effects enhance the sense of closeness between lovers.

Probably the most influential love compound in chocolate is PEA, phenethylamine. This chemical, which occurs in chocolate in small quantities, stimulates the nervous system and triggers the release of pleasurable opium-like compounds known as endorphins. PEA also potentiates the activity of dopamine, a neurochemical directly associated with sexual arousal and pleasure. PEA acts as a potent antidepressant in both sexes and rises during periods of romance. The giddy, restless feelings that occur when we are in love are due to a great extent to PEA, which significantly increases in the brain at that time, and when we achieve orgasm. Some scientists dismiss this notion, claiming that the PEA in chocolate is metabolized too quickly to produce a significant mood-altering effect, but others disagree. Why else would chocolate be so inextricably intertwined with love and romance? While there are a great many agents in nature which boost libido and enhance sexual function, chocolate alone actually promotes the brain chemistry of being in love.


So perhaps, as it seems to be what usually happens with EXO’s love songs, the audience is a proxy to their intended. The lighting changes and the stage is set, the roses strewn throughout the audience as if he’s preparing the perfect environment for his clumsy confession, his feelings consuming him and driving him forward, his thoughts trained on the moment that inspired it all…their initial meeting…and all the moments that have followed where he watched her give her attention to others even though he was right there…

By the end of the song I feel that their intended is slightly more intrigued…


Lady, 오직 내 사랑을

Lady, ojik nae sarangeul

Lady, I give you my love


She’s my baby

새하얀 그 손 끝에

saehayan geu son ggeutae

at the tip of her white hands


只用 言语也不够

zhi yong yan yu ye bu gou

Words are not enough


lady! 只对你 著了迷

lady! zhi dui ni zhao le mi

Lady! I’m only interested in you

She’s my baby

在纯白 如雪 指尖

zai chun bai ru xue zhi jian

on those fingertips as white as snow

It’s as if she has heard out his clumsy, awkward confession and he sits down, his eyes on the floor as he waits to hear what she will say. Will she accept his offer of love?

And I feel that the first thing he sees are her hands. Her hands that are reaching out for him. Her hands that are pure white in appearance and intention (detail is reflective of beauty standards within these two cultures obviously.) Accepting him in this moment. Almost as if she’s blessing him. Baptizing him with ecstasy.

And we all know what probably comes next….




**WARNING: We are not responsible for what happens if you consume chocolate while listening to this song. Do so at your own risk**

**Experiences Otherworldly…..Transfiguration…..**


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