My Lady Cont’d

My Lady is “that” song on the album. This is the song that started the “that” song trend. And real EXO fans know what I mean when I say it’s one of “those” songs.

**Warning: (Or maybe I should’ve put a warning before those GIFs heehee) Remember guys, this is an aural analysis only.

Again, the song starts off with a guitar but not used the same way as it has been in the previous songs. And then those finger snaps….

The finger snaps that happen after the voice enters. You already know… Soon the bass, drums and keyboard join the fray. The syncopated suspensions found in the accompaniment mirror the fact that they are waiting on baited breath to see what her response will be. Once again the music and lyrics working in tandem to give the listener to best view of what they’re thinking.

We’ve heard them mellow out their voices before but this is something entirely different. They are trying to woo this woman with honeyed voices. Like Beyonce said

This time, they aren’t going for the same feeling as before, they’re on a mission to seduce the woman that has beguiled them. The small variations in their voices created by changing their tone, inflections, phrasing pacing all aid in them trying to prove that there is a difference between the boy they were in the past song like the previous song, Baby. Even the rap section is different. There is no angst in their voices as we’ve heard in some of the previous songs. While there is a slight difference in all of the vocal parts, it’s not enough to say that a drastic change has been made. There’s still some growing up needed. But the first step toward being seen as a man has been taken.


**Experience Otherworldly Aural Transfiguration**

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