Miracles in December Special Winter Album

Miracles in December” was EXO’s second EP released as a special winter album on December 9, 2013. Although EXO-K and EXO-M released EPs separately, this is the first EP where the two groups were promoted as one. The title track leading single from this album “Miracles in December” was performed by four of the group’s members. Within EXO-K, Baekhyun, D.O., and Chen performed the pop ballad in Korean while Chen and Baekhyun again performed with EXO-M as well as Luhan in Mandarin. The EP ranked at No. 1 and 2 on the weekly and monthly Gaon Albums Chart for both versions of the EP. The EXO-K version of the title track leading single landed the No. 2 spot on Gaon’s Weekly Digital Singles Chart and No. 3 on Billboard Korea’s Hot 100. The EXO-M version of the leading single topped the Gaon International Singles Chart, ranked No. 7 on China’s Baidu charts and ranked No. 47 on Gaon’s chart. Another feature on both versions of the EP “Christmas Day” allowed EXO-K to rank No. 5 and 38 on the Gaon and K-Pop Hot 100 weekly charts, respectively while EXO-M ranked No. 10 on Baidu’s charts.

Features on this album include…

1. “Miracles in December”

2. “Christmas Day”

3. “The Star”

4. “My Turn to Cry”

5. “The First Snow” 

6. “Miracles in December-Classical Orchestral Version”