Lucky is another one of those sweet songs. A breath of fresh air. A promise of something new from XOXO that was delivered here.


And what also makes this song so special is that it is for the fans. Most importantly, the song is dedicated to Korean fans. And I think that’s truly something wonderful. Sure, international fans feel left out because the song isn’t speaking to them directly…but I’m sure there are songs from artists within our native countries that celebrate you and how you identify within your culture. And that’s what I see this song as. There’s nothing more heartwarming and beautiful than feeling understood. It’s nice when someone from a different background and lifestyle does their best to try to relate to you. But it’s even more special when someone knows exactly where you’re coming from. Where you don’t have to try so hard to be understood or to communicate. When you can speak your native tongue. Where you can laugh and joke about colloquialisms that only someone from your generation and background would understand. Instead of taking it as a slight, let’s see it for what it is. A predominantly South Korean boy band at that time singing to their general audience. Their concerts were mostly in Asia but began in their home country, South Korea. So it’s like…Adele’s Hometown Glory or Ray Charles’ rendition of America the Beautiful and so on and so forth. It’s one of those songs. It has “that feeling” if you will.



같은 나라에 태어나서

gateun narae tae eonaseo

Being born in the same country

같은 언어로 말을 해서

gateun eoneoro mareul haeseo

Talking in the same language


참 행운이야

cham haengun iya

We’re so lucky

참 다행이야

cham dahaeng iya

it’s such a relief

세상에 당연한 건 없어

sesange dangyeonhan geon eobseo

Nothing is for certain in this world

너무 좋아 우린 지금 꿈속의 동화

neomu joha urin jigeum kkum sogui donghwa

it’s so good like we’re in a fairy tale of our dreams


나의 처음이 너라서

naui cheoeumi neoraseo

Because you’re my first

이 노래 주인공이 너라서

i norae juin gongi neoraseo

because this song is about you

내게 꿈이 또 생겼어

naege kkumi tto saeng gyeosseo

I have a new dream

더 멋진 남자가 되겠어

deo meotjin namjaga doegesseo

it’s to be a better man


날 보는 네 두 눈은 그 무엇보다

nal boneun ne du nuneun geu mueotboda

Because your eyes that look at me make me


날 다시 뛰게 만드니까

nal dashi ttwige mandeu nikka

run once again more than anything else

And EXO M continues to share EXO K’s sentiments.



Na yi tian duo mei li de ji yu

The beauty of that day’s luck

突如其来幸福的降临 lucky

Tu ru qi lai xing fu de jiang lin lucky

To suddenly be graced with happiness, lucky


Jiu shi yi ren zhong wo yu dao ni

Among billions of people I still met you



Ke yi hu huan ni de ming zi

I can call your name


Ke yi zhen xin de wo zhu ni de shou

I can sincerely hold your hand



Yang guang ye dui zhe wo can lan de zhao yao

Sunlight is shining on me brilliantly



Gan jue xing fu de wu ke jiu yao

Feeling incurable happiness


你的声音融化掉我 like ice cream

Ni de sheng yin rong hua diao wo like ice cream

The sound of your voice melts me like ice cream



Jiu shi huo xiang yi fu hua

We’re living like in a painting



Ni shi wo di yi ci de ai

You are my first love


Wo gu shi li wan mei de nu zhu jiao

The perfect female lead of my story



Wo yao yii zhi ba ni zhuang zai wo xin li

I want to always have you in my heart



Ke bu ke yi zhi dui wo wei xiao

Can you only smile for me?

It’s such a feel good song! They are all so giddy and warm in their affection for their love interest. And it’s like finally! Finally EXO has that! After all these songs! Finally! And I think it’s so sweet that it’s directed at fans from their home country (honestly countries. I think China’s fans deserve to get in on the love too)  in particular. Without the love and support of their fans, as EXO constantly reminds us (hopefully we will also hear this kind of speech at this years MAMAs!!,) EXO may not have made it as far as they did. While they do have international acclaim and love…they may not have stayed as relevant had it not been for the love they receive from home base. Let’s be honest about that. While support and love from international fans is not illegitimate, we have to recognize all the fan events (signings, parties, food trucks, birthday celebrations and so and so forth) honestly mostly happen at home base (though fans across the world continue to show their support in their own way.) SO why wouldn’t EXO and their writing team, take a moment to acknowledge their fans properly? It’s also just a great way to end this album. (Yes we’ve actually come to the end of another album and in record time!)

Ah! I can’t wait for Christmas music Admin Aqua!! (Though unfortunately we’ll be coming back to sad love-struck EXO yet again…)

Until next time all!

**Experience Otherworldly Transfiguration**

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