Lucky Cont’d

Another energy filled, feel good song, Lucky just makes you want to jump up and down hugging someone. You know, like they do all the time.


**Warning: This is based on an aural analysis, blah blah blah…….

With a roll of the cymbals and the entrance of the piano and some electronic effects, the song begins. Even with all of these effects the instrumentation is uncluttered. Once again, mainly block chords are played in the piano. There is a constant pulsing in the melodic line. This creates buoyancy that allows the song to remain light but full of energy.

And the power vocals are back! Full of soaring notes and belts, in a way only Baekhyun, Chen and D.O. can, the vocals are powerful without being overwhelming. The other voices filling in the spaces where they are needed.

The ending is my favorite part of this song. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot good areas in this song. I just love the harmony that happens here.

EXO-M Version


So lucky to be your


love, I am


EXO-K Version


So lucky to be your


love, I am


I get chills every time. **Le sigh**

Awww, that’s the end of the XOXO/Growl Repackage album. We’ve already gone through two albums. And as Admin Pisces already mentioned, it’s time to get to the Christmas music. Oh yeah!!



**Experience Otherworldly Aural Transfiguration**

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