Let Out the Beast

Does this remind anyone else of Two Moons…?

It has that same rebellious spirit don’t you think?

Let out the beast! Let out the beast! Let out the beast!

What is the beast? More than likely the beast is a reference to their lupine selves. Similar to the discussion in Two Moons, EXO is going through another transformation that everyone is yet again bearing witness to.

And again EXO is talking to someone that is possibly a love interest since they reference multiple times that they’d like to and that they will capture their heart (after they’ve run them down of course.) I feel that Let Out the Beast combines elements of Wolf, and Two Moons.

Please see EXO-M’s translations below:



wo xiang yao zhua dao ni

I want to catch you

don’t run 别担心 我不咬人

don’t run bie dan xin wo bu yao ren

don’t run, don’t worry, I don’t bite


bie jiao wo dui huo cuo

Don’t try to teach me right or wrong

不能放手 让你逃脱

bu neng fang shou rang ni tao tuo

I can’t let go and let you get away


You know that I know


ni yi jing mei you yi

that you have no chance


dian de ji hui cong zhe li tao tuo

of leaving from this place anymore


到时间 是时候带走

dao shi jian shi shi hou dai zou

When the time comes I’ll take away

你的心 你的一切

ni de xin ni de yi qie

your heart and your everything

In EXO-K’s’ version there seems to be a slight deviance. EXO-K’s version begins with discussion about music and its rhythm being what inspires the awakening of the beast…which is somehow relatable…? I mean who else doesn’t feel like something otherworldly takes over them when your song comes on…? (Admin Aqua and I have admitted to the songs that do that for us…it’s ok to admit it.)

Perhaps that EXO-K is talking about here…?


지금부터 lose control

jigeumbuteo lose control

From now on lose control

노래가 들리면 춤춰

noraega deullimyeon chumchwo

when you hear the music, dance

폭발할 것 같은 너의 에너지

pukbalhal geot gateun neoui eneoji

I can’t stop your energy

나는 멈출 수가 없어

naneun meomchul suga eobseo

that is about to explode


오랫동안 숨겨왔었던

oraetdongan sumgyeowasseotdeon

Unleash the beast that has been hiding

속에 있는 야수를 풀고

soge itneun yasureul pulgo

for a long time

And I can’t ignore some of the funny lines in EXO-K’s version were given to Byun Baekhyun. (Honestly! How fitting is that?!)


천방지축 아이 같은 난

cheonbangjichuk ai gateun nan

You can never tame me

절대 길들일 수 없어

jeoldae gildeuril su eobseo

who’s like a naughty child

Something makes me also feel like the audience around EXO-K is being hypnotized by them. Forgive me but I can’t help but feel like this is one of those moments where you’re out dancing somewhere and you start dancing with this guy…not grinding and twerking on him (although there’s always a place for that too) but you’re dancing with him face to face and it’s very intense. Something else has taken over. There is a different feeling in the air around you. And everyone is watching and everyone knows it. They can’t look away even if they wanted to. Maybe there’s a moment you pull away because you’re thinking…“Hey, we’re in public…this is getting a little too serious…” and he’s looking at you like….

Ok so I went off on my own tangent there but it really makes me think of that kind of situation where the light EXO talks about throughout both versions of this song is them themselves.


우리가 still in control

uriga still in control

We’re still in control

음악은 중독이 되고

eumakeun jongdoki dwego

the music becomes addictive

턱 끝에 고인 땀방울까지

teok ggeute goin ttambangulkkaji

You can’t take your eyes off of the drops of sweat

넌 눈을 뗄 수 없어

neon nuneul ttel su eobseo

stuck at the tip of my chin


억눌렀던 너의 가슴에

eoknulleotdeon neoui gaseume

Untie the chain that sunk

잠겨 있는 사슬은 풀고

jamgyeo itneun saseureun pulgo

into your restrained heart


저 달이 사라질 때까지

Jeo dari sarajilttae kkaji

Don’t stop until

절대 멈출 수는 없어

jeoldae meomchul suneun eobseo

that moon disappears

Remember. EXO is here to shake things up for the better. They’re here to show us that there is a different way for us to be. That we aren’t living our lives to the fullest. That we have forgotten something innate. That we don’t express ourselves without our reservations. We spend too much time being worried about whatever someone will think of what we’re doing instead of living our lives with passion and letting out the beast. Which may seem contradictory considering the mention of the moon in in D.O.’s section…the moon represents illumination though its light is from the sun and it does not shed light itself. “Where the sun will boldly bear down its blaze upon a given philosophical subject – the moon softly enfolds our attention – illumining our psyche in a gossamer glow that is more open to esoteric impressions.” Moons are typically associated with wolves and depending on the phase of the moon there is a certain power that can be beneficial to an individual. So many things follow the rhythm, the cycle of the moon’s phases. Tides, other cycles….there is a certain reverence that many have for the moon. What it inspires in us and around us…so the disappearance D.O. is mentioning isn’t saying that they’d like for the moon to disappear. Notice again that it says don’t stop until. So EXO really is saying to ride out the wave of this spontaneous, riled up feeling until the power of the moment has passed over you and it is no more.

I can get with it….now do you understand my dancing reference…? Don’t stop til you get enough anyone…? (I think Kai would appreciate my reference haha)

Side note: I always think at the breakdown of this song that they should have said “EXO let’s move!” or some kind of chant like that. I don’t know…ignore me.

**Experiences Otherworldly Lyrical Transfiguration**

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