Heart Attack

How Heart Attack fits in with what we just recently have heard….I’m still trying to figure it out.


Somewhere I saw a post or comment once claiming that Heart Attack was one of the most slept on EXO songs. And I can hardly understand why. Y’all do remember these VCRs…right….?


(I had to…I had to…I always think of this VCR when I hear this song)

But unfortunately the VCR didn’t really match the song and what it talked about that much.


There were some elements (the flashlight for one) that made sense but other than that…EXO was using this time to rest a little bit and bring fans backstage to show them a different kind of performance. (And who doesn’t wonder what antics they get into backstage?)

Looking at all of the lyrics as a whole…EXO has met someone who has overtaken them in every possible way but it also appears that this special someone (someone who is so special that their light nullifies the color of all other light) is not even aware of EXO’s feelings.


이렇게도 눈부신 이 사라지고

ireohgedo nunbusin i sarajigo

You dazzle so much that after you disappeared

아무것도 똑같지가 않았어 라고

amugeotdo ttokgatjiga anhasseo rago

nothing stayed the same


所有光线 失去顏色 因為你

suo you guang xian shi qu yan se yin wei nǐ

All light loses its colour because you’re so special

是如此特别 像是随时闪著 flashlight

shi ru ci te bie xiang shi sui shi shan zhe flashlight

like a flashlight that sparks at any time


残留在脑海 无法被删去

can liu zai nao hai wu fa bei shan qu

Remaining within my head, unable to be deleted


bei ni shen ying suo zhan ju

I’m occupied by your silhouette

像是不断重播的 flashback

xiang shi bu duan chong bo de flashback

like a flashback that doesn’t stop replaying



wo du zi zai mi gong

I’m alone in a maze


xun zhao na wu fa wang huai de lian kong

searching for the face that I’m unable to forget



wo chu peng huan jue ban de ni

I touch the you that is an illusion


xiang shi xiang yong bao na zhen kong

it’s like wanting to embrace a vaccuum



cui hui le wo de shi jie

Destroying my world

沉醉在你给的 heart attack

chen zui zai ni gei de heart attack

becoming intoxicated by the heart attack you’ve given me

快失去呼吸 当你如此贴近

kuai shi qu hu xi dang ni ru ci tie jin

I’m almost losing my breath when you come so close


瞬间 heart attack 动也不能动

shun jian heart attack dong ye bu neng dong

A heart attack in an instant, unable to even move



rang kuai bao zha de xin tiao

Let the heart rate that is about to explode

一秒就安静的 heart attack

yi miao jiu an jing de heart attack

a heart attack that is calm within a second

寧愿没呼吸 也不捨得抽离 不能自己

ning yuan mei hu xi ye bu she de chou li bu neng zi ji

I’d rather not breathe than part with you, I can’t be by myself

The Heart Attack they are suffering from is induced just by the proximity of their love interest because they seem to know for sure that they are only living in their own fantasy. That means that the image of the one they are loving is only in their mind. And even in their mind, as they love them passionately, it is someone they have created. It is not who they truly are. I believe this too causes EXO anxiety and triggers their Heart Attack whenever they are around their love interest. It’s like they’re coming face to face with the reality and they don’t want to be apart from the one they desire (they state that they would rather choose death. That they cannot be alone,) they’re also very afraid. It seems like after a certain point, EXO wants to make a confession:


너에게 말을 걸었어

neoege mareul georeosseo

I said something to you

들리는지 모르지만

deullineunji moreujiman

even though you might not have heard


그 목소리에 놀라

geu moksorie nolla

Although you’re surprised by my voice

넌 뒤돌아보긴 했지만

neon dwidorabogin haetjiman

and turned around


초점 흔들리는 눈

chojeom heundeullineun nun

My eyes shake as I ask

내겐 중요한 질문

naegen jungyohan jilmun

an important question


어쩌면 나 자신도

eojjeomyeon na jasindo

I might not even

아직 믿기 힘든 듯

ajik midgi himdeun deut

believe in it myself

They doubt themselves and even question whether their feelings are genuine. So irrational are their actions (wishing time could stop even) that you begin to question whether this love is healthy…another theme that will remain persistent in EXO’s lyrics as time goes on.

Unhealthy love.

Love that makes you crazy.

Love that makes you do crazy things.

To wish for crazy things.

To endure the worst things.

I know you all know where I’m going with it (see now the VCR placement makes so much more sense!) And we’re almost there in the discography (thank you for your patience!) So I’ll leave it at that for now.









(Honestly I wondered if I was going to be too distracted…haha. When I tell you that this is my song…I remember the first time I heard this song. It was on repeat forever! And I was so disappointed when I didn’t hear it at EXO’luXion even though I knew they’d already done it for The Lost Planet. Anyways! I don’t know why anyone would sleep on this song. As always I can’t wait for the aural analysis! Until next time!)


(*Admin Aqua is soon going to be Nini telling me to wrap it up*)

**Experiences…..Complete Transfiguration**

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