Heart Attack Cont’d

Well so much for all the optimism, happiness, sunshine and rainbows that were in the last song. I, too love this song so much. It’s complex, deep and intriguing. And as Admin Pisces already mentioned, who could forget the VCR?!?


**Warning: Remember dawlings, this a discussion based on an aural analysis. Sadly…….well you know the rest

It begins ominously with the reverbed sporadic intergalactic-esque lower pitched effects layered with those of a higher pitch and a voice wailing that puts me in the mind of the Carnatic Music in India. As with many of their electronic songs, the beat drops thereafter bringing in an assortment of other sounds and effects that create an orchestration that is rhythmically stable drums wise but unstable because of the syncopated effects that I mentioned earlier on the paragraph. Once the voices enter a new effect is introduced that is reminiscent of drops of liquid. Why do I say liquid instead of water?

It could be an IV drip






I’ll leave that to your imagination to figure out what that liquid is.

Vocally, the guys stay mellow. It’s as if they are purposely trying to keep themselves calm in the face of what they are experiencing at the moment. Or maybe, this mellowness stems from the fact that they are living in a dream world. I find it interesting that there is no rap section in this song. Yes, there have been other songs that I have analysed that didn’t have a rap section but it’s glaringly obvious for some reason that there isn’t one in Heart Attack. Oh and another interesting little tidbit, they used Autotune.

***Yes, I am completely aware that I’m being petty. Does Admin Aqua care? No she does not***



**Experience Otherworldly Aural Transfiguration**

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