Now we’ve finally come to the song EXO is known for, still to this day. (How can we forget the contestant on SBS Fantastic Duo who claimed EXO’s debut song was Growl? Like what?? LMAO!!!!!!!!!! Girl! You played yourself! You could have at least done a Naver search! Like damn!!!)




Anyways, it’s a pretty campy song. I like the way the familiar tag is played during many of EXO’s broadcasts (I’ve just started watching Descendants of the Sun and heard it there as well) the words can’t help but come to your mind and before you know it you’re singing

我 으르렁 으르렁 으르렁 你

Wo eureurong eureurong eureurong ni

I growl growl growl at you


This song definitely carries on where Wolf left off. EXO makes mention of being in opposition to another wolf who is vying for his love interest’s attention, later on in the song.

Just look at some of these lines here…


笑了一下 好奇怪

Xiaole yixia hao qiguai

You smile a strange smile


Nandao ni ye juede guaiyi

Could it be you also feel it’s weird?



Gandao yanqian yipian hei

I sense a block of darkness in front of my eyes


尤其你看着我 各种表情

Youqi ni kanzhe wo ge zhong biaoqing

Especially when you look at me



Ni de huxi shengyin man man qingxi

With all sorts of expressions


快要我差点窒息 拜託 girl

Kuaiyao wo chadian zhixi baituo girl

You make me feel like I’m suffocating please girl

To me it seems that EXO’s love interest is instigating a fight.



You know the type of behavior that I’m referencing right…?

The girl or guy that knows this person is interested in them and wants to push their buttons to see how far is too far…they haven’t accepted the feelings of the person who is interested in them but they haven’t exactly denied them either. So they’re in limbo. You know the type right…? Yea I don’t like it either.

It’s truly not fair either because EXO is not only threatening violence against anyone who dares to stare at her or anyone that she gives her attention to…they are also really anxious



나 이손눈빛과

na ison nunbitgwa

A sharp glance

베일듯한 긴장감

beil deutan ginjang gam

Anxiousness so sharp

지금 검색중야

jigeum geomsaeg jungya

Searching around now

너의주위를 baby

neoui juwireul baby

Around you baby


넌그냥 그대로있어

neon geunyang geudaero isseo

You just stay like that


namaneul bara bomyeonseo

Only looking at me


jeolttae neol bonaeji anha

I will never let you go

두고봐 baby

dugobwa baby

we’ll see baby



Woah 梦一样速度

Woah meng yiyang sudu

We’re the same speed as a dream


Kuai zhaohuo de jiasudu

And speed up at the pace of a catching fire


Tansuo ni de mimi

I want to explore your secret

想要看仔细 baby

Xiang yao kan zixi baby

Examine it thoroughly baby oh


你还是在这里 baby

Ni haishi zai zheli baby

You’re still here baby


Kanzhe wo haixiu mei juli

When you look at me you leave no space between us

我不会轻易就放开你的 ah crazy

Wo bu hui qingyi jiu fang kai ni de ah crazy

I won’t let go of you that easily crazy

I have some favorite Chanyeol rapping moments and this song definitely provides Chanyeol his moment to shine. That is not dismissing Tao at all. But there is an energy and a style that Chanyeol uses. The way he makes the lines his own. Forgive me if that sounds like I’m playing favorites (I am not trying to. Honestly.)




또다른늑대들이 볼새라

tto dareun neugdae deuri bol saera

Another wolf is coming


neomuna wanbyeoghan nae yeojara

My girl who’s so perfect


pum soge budeureobge neorango

Hug you in my arms softly

너만을위해 나는 난폭해지고

neomaneul wihae naneun nanpoghae jigo

I get violent just for you



Ling yige lang zai kan zhege nuren

Another wolf is looking at this girl


Ni jiushi zheme wanmei de nuren

You’re this perfect of a girl


Duo xiang bao bao ni

Oh how much I want to hug you


Zai huai li bu fangxia

I’d never let you go once you’re in my embrace


Yi fen yi miao guoqu

Every minute, every second that passes


Wo bian de xiong han wuchang

I become more aggressive and erratic

And then of course there is the trio after D.O., Chen, and Luhan’s solos. Goodness it is so gorgeous. But the words. We’re here for what they’re saying right? So let’s also look into that.



除了我们 全部删去

Chule women quanbu shan qu

Besides us, delete everyone from your mind


Jiushi zheyang aile

Let’s love this way




uri mankeum hana dul sshig

Erase everything


jiwo beori janha

but us two

From what EXO is saying about this love interest…I feel like they are bad news. While she may be the Beauty from Wolf and Beauty…she seems to know exactly what EXO wants but continues to deny him anyway. Perhaps she thinks that the threats that EXO is making are empty threats…but looking at the way the language changes. The way that they describe their frustration at not only the other wolves and men that their love interest seems to be attracting but also their love interest for denying them a hug and to be faithful….I feel like they deserve better. While the song comes off very playful and does not appear as aggressive (though the second filming of both of these songs for the M/V seems to suggest to me that they were going for an even more aggressive persona…,) EXO is talking about “taking it outside” with some of the “wolves” who cast lovelorn glances at the one he is interested in. Hardly anything sweet and playful about that is there? And while it may get some people hot to see their lover in a jealous rage, lip curled, teeth bared, foam at their mouth, their neck slick with sweat, their eyes beaded in fury, their chest rising and falling rapildly, as their pulse thrums at their neck, their faces flush, they appear ready to tear everyone and anyone limb from limb….it just sounds like a whole bunch of unnecessary drama to this admin.


I still adore this song though. (I’m telling you. I heard this song after listening to Call Me Baby forever and my first thought was “EXO is legit. There is nothing like this in their discography anywhere…)

The delivery is everything. Eureurong eureurong eureurong ni!


**Experiences Otherworldly Lyrical Transfiguration**

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