Growl Cont’d

Ah, the song that MC’s always say is their favorite. Seriously, on every show they go on when MC’s and other celebrities are asked what their favorite EXO song is they always say 으르렁. Some have danced with them to it.

Some have sung with them.

We’ve even previously posted on Sunday Funday on our Tumblr about a dad doing the rap from Growl on * Singing Battle *. It has become their unofficial signature song.

I could go on and on but what I’m really here to do is talk about the music, not the reactions to and around the song. (Although maybe Admin Pisces and I can do an experiment at some point about that…) So let’s get into the music.

**Warning: The following discourse is based solely on an aural analysis. Y’all already know how I feel about that…


The song begins with an electronic keyboard plugin effect playing the beginning two notes of the vocal melodic line of the chorus repeatedly four times as if it were a skipping record. Following this , the entire vocal melodic line of the chorus is heard. Of course there is a steady, heavy beat. A finger snapping effect joins immediately after the introduction. Throughout the majority of the verses and the chorus, the vocal melodic line of the chorus is mirrored in the electronic keyboard effect. The melodic line only changes three times; when they sing these passage before going to the chorus,

EXO-M Version

Girl 我真想藏着你
Girl wo zhen xiang cangzhe ni
Girl I really want to hide you

cangzhe ni
Hide you

Cang zai wo de huai li zhu
Hide you inside my embrace

I’m so serious

那些视线 让我有一点不开心
Naxie shixian rang wo you yidian bu kaixin
Those other people’s stares make me a bit unhappy

Wo zhen de kuai sheng qi
I’m really getting mad


Girl 在黑白世界里
Girl zai heibai shijie li
Girl in this black and white world

Nayang xianyan he meili
That fresh kind of beauty

看着你的眼睛 现在警报响起
Kanzhe ni de yanjing xianzai jingbao xiangqi
Looking at your eyes the alarm in my heart is sounding

EXO-K Version

아무도널 못보게
amudo neol motboge
So no one can see you


pume gamchugo shipeo
Want to hide you in my arms

I’m so serious

눈이 널보는
nuni neol boneun
Stares spotting you

shiseondeul nae ane ireona
A strong tornado

geojin soyongdo
started in me


heurin gonggan sogeseo
In a foggy space

heurin gonggan sogeseo
In a foggy space

seonmyeong hage bit naneun
Shining brightly

nuni bushin seongdeul nae ane ullineun
Glances targeted on you

gyeong boullim sori
Warning growling in me beeps

during the rap

EXO-M Version

Ling yige lang zai kan zhege nuren
Another wolf is looking at this girl

Ni jiushi zheme wanmei de nuren
You’re this perfect of a girl

Duo xiang bao bao ni
Oh how much I want to hug you

Zai huai li bu fangxia
I’d never let you go once you’re in my embrace

Yi fen yi miao guoqu
Every minute, every second that passes

Wo bian de xiong han wuchang
I become more aggressive and erratic

最后厉害的男人 得到女人香
Zuihou lihai de nanren dedao nuren xiang
In the end the strongest man will earn the girl

That’s right

Nandao zhen buneng zai you zhuan huan de jihui
Is there really no more chance to turn around?

快回去结束了 你的结果是零了
Kuai huiqu jieshule ni de jieguo shi lingle
Just go home, it’s already over, your result is zero

Ruguo xiang ying ta de xin
If you want to win her heart

Xian dabai wo zai fangdian
You have to defeat me first

EXO-K Version


또다른늑대들이 볼새라
tto dareun neugdae deuri bol saera
Another wolf is coming

neomuna wanbyeoghan nae yeojara
My girl who’s so perfect

pum soge budeureobge neorango
Hug you in my arms softly

너만을위해 나는 난폭해지고
neomaneul wihae naneun nanpoghae jigo
I get violent just for you

결국엔 강한자가
gyeolgugen ganghan jaga
At the end the strongest

eodge doeneun miin
gets the beauty

자리가없으니까 그냥돌아가
jariga eobseu nikka geunyang doraga
No space for you here so just go back

ganeung seong jeroya
Zero possibility

그러니까 그만봐
geureo nikka geumanbwa
so stop looking

geu nyeoreul neombon damyeon
If you want her

나를먼저 넘어봐
nareul meonjeo neomeobwa
get over me first

and the section immediately following the rap section.

EXO-M Version

除了我们 全部删去
Chule women quanbu shan qu
Besides us, delete everyone from your mind

Jiushi zheyang aile
Let’s love this way

留下了爱情 和我和你
Liu xiale aiqing he wo he ni
Keeping love, you and me

Quan tingzhi yunxing
Let’s stop running here

EXO-K Version

uri mankeum hana dul sshig
Erase everything

jiwo beori janha
but us two

너하나고나만 여기남아
neo hanago naman yeogi nama
You and I just stay here

meomchwojin deushi
like we stopped

The form of the instrumentation of this song is A’ A B A A B A C D A. Take note that sections B, C and D are the aforementioned areas that deviate from using the vocal melodic line of the chorus as an accompaniment.

The vocals…..

That “Sexy” at the beginning, and we know who said it now. I’m looking at you EXO Leader, Suho.


Okay, okay enough jokin’ (No I’m not). Once again there is an ebb and flow to the intensity given phrases. The verses and vamp following the rap are smooth and sweet-sounding, whereas the chorus and rap section are aggressive, with disjunct, enunciated syllables. It’s interesting that delivery makes all the difference in the world. For example, the difference in the trio during this section.

EXO-M Version

留下了爱情 和我和你
Liu xiale aiqing he wo he ni
Keeping love, you and me

Quan tingzhi yunxing
Let’s stop running here

EXO-K Version

The trio in the EXO-K version while mellow, has warm undertones. The EXO-M version, on the other hand is more ethereal in delivery.

Now if you’ll excuse me, Admin Pisces and I have some music videos to watch.


Video Credits: Marc Meyer  &  ATV K-Music Live KBS


**Experience Otherworldly Aural Transfiguration**

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