EXO-K/EXO-M Wolf Music Videos

A: Are you ready?

P: Yep.

A: Oh, the Korean version has an age limit. There’s a 12 at the beginning in the top right corner.

A: The hat with the bandanna underneath…TF?!?! Why?

A: Ugh the braids…….

P: There seems to be claws on the ceiling

P: I like the faded images of the wolves in the background when you see the members faces at different points. (Chanyeol and Baekhyun is where I noticed it the most.)

P: D.O. doesn’t repeat the same choreography. He does different moves during the same sequence. Interesting.

A: The angles are different for that little spirit fingers part

A: Ah, the D.O. pinata shirt…

P: Wow! That was cool the whole Kai ripping the screen

P: Why is D.O. wearing a fur hat???

P: I like Chen’s mesh shirt

P: Fringe jackets seem to be a constant in this era

P: Baekhyun’s collar is interesting

A: I don’t know why but I like the head bobbing part when they come back to the chorus

P: Oh wow! That ending with the turn up of dust was really cool. (Where they morph into wolves I guess)

Credit: EXOFanCreations

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