EXO-K/EXO-M Growl Music Videos

P: Ah, I love this music video so much! I still remember watching it for the first time and thinking “Omg, EXO is legit. This song is so clean.”

A: Oooo that finger snap move. Girl…..

P: Why does the camera shake so much during the second version? It looks as if you’re running up to EXO.

P: I feel like the second version of the M/V tried to showcase a lot more of the members individually as they did in History.

P: Beanie Byun is a thing.

A: Kai needs to watch it with all that smirking.

A: The camera move that sweep up from the floor to level with them in the 2nd version. Man…….

P: In the second M/V, EXO appears more aggressive to me because of the camera effects (clothing choices) whereas in the first version it was very smooth (perhaps because it was all done in one take.)

P: The random zooming in and out is kinda wild….

P: D.O.’s red headed superman swish is lit man…..

A: That face he makes in the 2nd Korean version. Yep, that one right there. (1:36)

P: It appears like they tried their hardest to keep their facial expressions similar but there are some deviations here and there…

A: And I’m noticing that even though they’re the same length certain sections will start before it does in the other language’s version.

P: Did they give up when it came to film Yeollie’s/Tao’s rap sequences and decide to mostly keep that the same and introduce new clips..?

A: I’m still trying to figure out why there is graffiti on the back wall

P: I miss Lu. I am happy for his current success but I miss him when I hear this and many other songs.

A: How does a man look so attractive with pink hair????

A: And there it is. The clip in the 1st Korean version that made Chanyeol famous. (3:01) LOL

Credit: EXOFanCreations

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