EXO-12 K/M Miracles in December Music Videos

A: Look at the babies! They look so young.

P: Yay! Oh the puppy!

A: **starts singing puppy song from VeggieTales**

P: I miss Lu so much

A: Is it bad that I love the Chinese version so much more?!

A: Can I have Tao’s coat?!

A: They are so young

A: Where are they? Sitting on EXOplanet with a piano….by themselves??

A: The styling of the clothes is so beautiful

P: Omg Kris’ face (when he’s trying to cry)

A: Puppies!!

P: Watching this after doing the lyrical analysis makes me want to cry even more

P: I love the way Dae’s voice soars in this song

P: It was made for him

A: Plug for Nature Republic. That is hilarious

P: You can see them trying to be so expressive

P: Like I feel like Sehun was really trying here to be angsty

P: But he comes off so blank

A: Where do Sehun’s flowers come from in the winter?

A: I love how the whole music video was so soft…the lighting throughout

P: That wince Baekhyun does when he sings….why though?

P: Why does Dae always turn away like that too?

P: Why?

A: There’s the moon again

P: I love when Tao does that (turns back the time) The energy shift is everything…like the way the music and video work together….

A: Go ahead and use your powers Tao

P: The sudden appearance of their love interest is always like….

A: Why did she only come in front of Sehun though?

P: Tao did that crying scene though!!!

P: Chanyeol almost looks relieved when the tear finally falls…like “I did it!”

A:  That Tao tear gets me every time

P: D.O. and Luhan’s lines at the end do me in every time.

P: It’s so so gorgeous. Just yes

A: This song is so devastatingly sad but in a good way

**Experiences Otherworldly Visual Transfiguration**

Credit: EXOFanCreations

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