Don’t Go

Ok ok. I know you’re probably about sick and tired of me talking about the Little Mermaid story and “Baby Don’t Cry” but one more time please? (Indulge me for the sake of continuity? Thank you!)


This is such a beautiful love song and a much needed break from the sadness and violence that this album first opened with. (I also feel like it’s separate from any other love song EXO has done thus far because of the subject matter.)

So many beautiful lines and promises of unconditional, passionate love that EXO is willing to surrender to his love interest if she’ll only stay with him, if only she won’t go. (If I start posting some of the lyrics here I will not stop. The entire song is gorgeous. Just wow)


(*Admin Pisces fanning herself to prevent further swooning*)

Anyways, I feel like he is asking her to trust him. That he knows she is afraid (she’s weary for one reason or another.) But he’s promising her that his love is worth risking it all for. Could it be that somehow the Little Mermaid did meet her “end” as she was meant to and though she was meant to enter Heaven with the daughters of the air, what if she actually stuck around for EXO? What if she couldn’t leave him although she knew she had to?


Yea I know what you’re thinking (Go to bed Admin Pisces! And I will but right now I cannot. I need to see the results of this election as the stock market and the value of the dollar dips.)

But just go with me here. (As I’m deep, please submerge with me. I won’t take you too far in lol)


The butterfly is an important symbol in this song. It’s used in the choreography as well and timed to be shown just at the moment they sing about it. And looking here to the cultural significance:

“In Japan the butterfly was at one time considered to be the soul of a living man or woman.”

“In Japan, the butterfly is symbolically identified with the blossoming of young womanhood, while in China, it is associated with immortality, leisure and the joyfulness of a young man in love.”

“The butterflies were presumably one of the pleasures that awaited the deceased in the afterlife, reflecting the Egyptian belief in the immortality of the human soul.”

“Many cultures relate butterflies to the human soul. In ancient Greek the word for butterfly is “psyche” which means “soul”, and was also the name of Eros’ human lover.”

So if you stayed submerged with me (thank you, we can come up for air now) we can see how this isn’t a light love song. It’s a breath of fresh air indeed, but in a way it’s still bittersweet because as enchanting and amorous as EXO’s words are to the butterfly spirit, the butterfly spirit representing their love interest is a spirit of the other world. Perhaps the Little Mermaid truly has died, choosing to sacrifice herself instead of sacrificing EXO who loved her so tenderly and is visiting EXO once more. Whether she was granted immortality as the Chinese myths suggest or whether she is gracing him once more before she journeys beyond where EXO can follow, I still cannot decide. What do you think?



**Experiences Otherworldly Lyrical Transfiguration**

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