Don’t Go Cont’d

We have a return to the light romantic side of EXO. Don’t Go has a feel similar to Angel (Into Your World). You can’t help but have a small, content smile on your face and bop your head from side to side while listening to this song, even though it’s low key sad.


**Warning: Again, this discussion is based solely on an aural analysis. **le sigh** My hands feel so empty………

This song is mostly acoustic, using piano, guitar, tambourine, click track, electric drum set and few effects throughout. The melody in the orchestration is repetitive throughout. The vocals, their angelic, euphonious voices complete the sweet, uncomplicated feel of this song. Once again, the voices are placed in areas suit their voices best. The following section for example.

EXO-M Version

ni xiao xiao de chi bang jiu yao xiang wo fei xiang
Your little arms are about to fly towards me

kan dao ni hui hui shou yao wo guo lai ni shen pang
Seeing you wave your hand, asking me to come to your side

na ke lian de mu guang na gu shi tai mi mang
That pitiful gaze, the story that is too confusing

jiu zai na tian wan shang chui jin wo de xin yi shou cang
It was that night that you were blown into my heart and collected inside

bu ting xiang ni de ke ai mu yang zhao mi de wo
I keep thinking of your cute appearance, the captivated me

jiu lian ling hun dou zai wei ni qian gua
I’m worrying about you even within my spirit

jiu xiang zuìle yi yang lian hu xi dou yi wang
It’s like being drunk, I’m even forgetting to breathe

ru guo zhe jiu shi ai yuan yi gen ni dao yuan fang
If this is love, I’m willing to go far away with you

shan zhe lei guang
Tears shining

wo zhen bu ren xin yan kan zhe ni shou shang
I really don’t have the heart to watch you being hurt

jiusuan yi miao huo shi dao yong yuan ye hao
Be it a second or it’d be nice if it’s to eternity

wo du que ding fang xiang
I’m certain of my direction

EXO-K Version


조그만 날갯짓 널 향한 이끌림
jogeuman nalgaetjit neol hyanghan ikkeullim
Your small wing movements, my attraction to you

나에게 따라오라 손짓한 것 같아서
naege ttaraora sonjitan geot gataseo
Your hand gestures seem like you’re telling me to follow you

애절한 눈빛과 무언의 이야기
aejeolhan nunbitgwa mueonui iyagi
Your earnest eyes and your silent stories

가슴에 회오리가 몰아치던 그날 밤
gaseume hoeoriga morachideon geunal bam
whirled together on that night

오묘한 그대의 모습에 넋을 놓고
omyohan geudaeui moseube neogseul noko
I lost myself and my one and only soul

하나뿐인 영혼을 뺏기고
hanappunin yeonghoneul ppaetgigo
in your deep image

그대의 몸짓에 완전히 취해서
geudaeui momjise wanjeonhi chwihaeseo
Completely drunk in your body movements

숨 쉬는 것조차 잊어버린 나인데
sum swineun geotjocha ijeobeorin nainde
that I forgot to even breathe

왈츠처럼 사뿐히 앉아 눈을 뗄 수 없어
walcheucheoreom sappunhi anja nuneul ttel su eobseo
You sit lightly like a waltz and I can’t take my eyes off of you

시선이 자연스레 걸음마다 널 따라가잖아
siseoni jayeonseure georeummada neol ttaragajanha
My eyes naturally follow you each step you take

All 12 showing us why they were chosen to be a part of this group, well most.

Yes, I know this one was short but there isn’t much to say about it. And it’s about that time…



**Experience Otherworldly Aural Transfiguration**

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