Christmas Day

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! I sincerely hope you’ve had a restful, blissful & superb holiday and are enjoying time with family and loved ones., if able.

Today (since it’s Christmas Day) we’re actually doing a Tunesday discussion ahead of Tunesday (shocking I know!) (Be sure to tune in again for our Tunesday discussion this week where we will focus on First Snow!)

But we’d like to be festive and I’m sure you all wouldn’t mind. So let’s get right to it!image


在白色的季节 呼吸变得好冷

zài bái sè de jì jiē hū xī biàn dé hǎo lěng

In this white season, breaths become so cold

在我的大衣里 只留下你的体温

zài wǒ de dà yī lǐ zhī liú xià nǐ de tǐ wēn

Within my coat, all that’s left behind is your warmth

只留下温暖的 记忆把我们包围

zhī liú xià wēn nuǎn de jì yì bǎ wǒ men bāo wéi

Leaving behind only the warm memories to embrace us

As this song is included on their winter album, there are elements of this song that put you in the holiday wintry mood. It’s extremely straightforward.

Just imagine exactly what this song describes in D.O.’s part of the beginning of the second verse….feel the change in temperature. The slight or full on chill (depending on your location on this sphere) you experience. The clothes that you wear. Scarves. Mittens. Boots. Earmuffs. Sweaters. Winter coats.


You’re spending your winter holiday or winter break with your significant other. Maybe you’ve just met and you’re still getting to know one another and everything is going extremely well so far (Notice the lines about warmth and warm memories. EXO is trying to focus on the good. Considering how things fell apart in Miracles in December, one can see why.)



měi yī tiān dōu duì nǐ liao jiě gèng duō yī xiē

Everyday I understand you a little bit more

There is all of this expectation and excitement each time you meet. Nothing has been consummated yet. Nothing has been admitted or confirmed. But it’s all there in the way you hold each other. The way you look at each other. It’s soft and innocent and it isn’t.


(Remember the choreography for Christmas Day? There’s nothing subtle about THIS sensual choreo. It’s the suspenders….please) Everything is warm and intimate and affectionate. I would imagine what gifts were meant to be given in Miracles in December were given and enjoyed by EXO’s love interest on Christmas Day. Or perhaps Christmas Day is talking about the night before the gifts are given (as everyone knows Christmas Eve to be the night before you get your gifts.)




píng fán de wǒ dé dào mìng yùn gěi yǔ de lǐ wù

The ordinary me received a gift given by fate

每一天我祈祷上天 可以眷顾

měi yī tiān wǒ qí dǎo shàng tiān kě yǐ juàn gù

Every day, I pray to heaven that I may be blessed

那么虔诚祈祷 你是我的礼物

nà me qián chéng qí dǎo nǐ shì wǒ de lǐ wù

So devout were my prayers, that you are my gift

And the greatest gift (as corny as it will sound) is the gift of their love being returned by their love interest. Isn’t it so heartwarming to read these lines? (Another “FINALLY! Yay EXO!” moment. As we don’t get so many of these moments since their themes are often times somber or brooding, you’ll understand why I celebrate these moments when I do.)




jiù zài yī yè zhī jiān

Just in the course of one night


chuāng wài yǐ bèi bái xuě fù gài

The window has already been covered by snow

思绪 all night 翻身 all night

sī xù all night fan shen all night

Thinking all night turning over all night


xiǎng niàn wú shēng de duī jī qǐ lái

Yearning silently piles up

Like imagine the man/woman/person you’re dating and you’re getting these texts from them? Because that’s exactly how this reads to this admin. “I can’t wait to see you!” “Morning can’t get here soon enough!” “I can’t sleep!” “Why can’t you be here right now?” (Am I the only one hearing Chen’s trademark whine “Ah waee!” ?)




xīn zǎo yǐ pò bú jí dài

My heart already could not wait


Just like the Christmas day



xiàng xīn jí de xiǎo hái

Like an eager child


每次想你 等你好难挨

měi cì xiǎng nǐ děng ni hǎo nán āi

Every time I think about you, waiting for you


xīn qíng sì yì péng pài

Is so hard, my willful feelings surge

Lol why so impatient EXO? Impatient like a child as they said. The lines below remind me of the stories you hear of children describing their impatience to wake up and get underneath the tree to peek and see what presents they get. And for EXO, as I’ve already stated, it’s the love they shall receive from their love interest when they spend time together once more on Christmas Day.


(And I know I’ve already said before how cute I thought it was imagining EXO tossing and turning out of excitement and happiness and overwhelming joy (which is so endearing and relatable) but how cute were both Luhan and Chen’s lines here?! Like!! Look at how sincere, and genuine and pure their sentiments of love are! Imagine them waking up to check their phone or their watch or their clock only to see that it’s not time to wake up yet and they pout for a while…maybe send those texts from before that I mentioned and they talk with their love interest for a little while until they fall asleep again…dreaming of their love interest…)




bèi xīn zhōng de qī dài jiào xǐng de nà zǎo chén

That morning I was woken up by the expectation in my heart


gǎn jue hǎo xiàng chāi kāi lǐ wù shí nà me xìng fèn

I felt the same excitement like that when I open a present



bàn mèng bàn xǐng zhī jiān

In between that half asleep, half awake state


fǎng fu nǐ lái dào wǒ shēn biān

It seemed as though you had come to me

思绪 all night 翻身all night

sī xù all night fan shen all night

Thinking all night turning over all night


zhí dào tiān kōng màn màn liàng qǐ lái

Until the sky slowly began to lighten

I placed the lines below for EXO-K to show the difference in meaning. When I read these lines once more, and noticed the emphasis on the miracle of snow falling from the once dry sky…again it highlights how much they treasured their dream of finding the one for them. And as we have read together through their discography, we know how much this dream means to EXO. To find love and happiness. To achieve Eudaimonia if you will.


메마른 하늘에서 내린 하얀 기적

memareun haneureseo naerin hayan gijeok

The white miracle that falls from the once dry sky

이뤄지긴 너무 힘들 것만 같던

irwojigin neomu himdeul geotman gatdeon

It seemed like it wouldn’t come true

꿈 속에도 간절했었던 그 기도~ 음~ Yeah

kkum sogedo ganjeolhaesseotdeon geu gido~ eum~ Yeah

The prayer that I was so desperate for even in my dreams

And as I look through the rest of the lyrics, I realize how unbelievable it is to EXO. They can’t believe someone is returning their feelings. That this person exists. They’re afraid to miss their moment.


혹시 내 잠결에

hoksi nae jamgyeore

What if you come to me

다가와있진 않을까

dagawaitjin anheulkka

When I’m sleeping?

하며 All night 밤새 All night

hamyeo All night bamsae All night

So I stay up all night, all night

하얗게 지새 맞이한걸

hayake jisae majihangeol

In a white daze

And even when it is there and they are in the moment, they are afraid that it will quickly disappear.


거리를 장식한 반짝이는 불빛

georireul jangsikhan banjjagineun bulbit

The twinkling lights that decorate the streets

그 중에 단연 네 눈에 뜨는 별빛

geu junge danyeon ne nune tteuneun byeolbit

Among those, your eyes are especially like the star light

내 품 안에 녹을 듯이 너는 안겨와

nae pum ane nogeul deusi neoneun angyeowa

As if you’re melting in my arms, you come into my embrace

The love of their love interest and maybe to put it in more real terms (and not so fantastical ideations,) perhaps it is the love of their fandom, affectionately named EXO-L’s. Every year (as a post we recently posted from slayeol pointed out) EXO releases an album each winter as a thank you to their fans. As the years have gone by EXO has continued to be amazed by the dedication and faithfulness of their fans, something that is humbling for any entertainer. It is a miracle to continue to be well received and sought after for as long as you can be. There are so many one-hit-wonders. There are so many who never get the chance to be put on such a stage. And to be in the spotlight and to continue to make history in the way that they have because of the love they receive from their fandom (when you think about it, next year’s 5th year anniversary is possible because of the love received and given by both EXO and EXO-L’s)….yes I realize that this is a segway but in a way, to this admin, it does kind of tie up this song.

I will end here for today (because streaming their albums “For Life” in their entirety on Spotify is just….yes.)


Again I hope you all have been blessed with love and peace this holiday season.

Be light.

Be well.

Be merry.


**Experiences vivifying all-encompassing transfiguration**

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