Christmas Day Cont’d

I’m trying to stay coherent enough to write this analysis but the food coma is calling me. Maybe if I play the song….. **begins playing Christmas Day**

Never mind, big mistake.

I’m sorry but every time I hear this song I see the choreography and it’s just…… Let me explain something. Suspenders are something I have a tendency to wear when I want to do business casual. So seeing them take something that I wear myself and using it in that way……..


Trying desperately to get back on the topic at hand….

Merry EX’mas all!!! (did you get it? Yes? No? Maybe? Whatever…) How could we not do our analyses of Christmas Day on Christmas Day?!?! I bet y’all saw it coming.


**Warning: This is strictly a discussion based on an aural analysis. Santa didn’t bring me what I wished for this year……

The switch from keyboard to guitar in the first verse then the entrance of the strings seem to track the shift in the lyrics from waiting for her to be there to what it’s like when she is there to EXO’s whimsical declaration of how they choose to wait.


EXO-K Version


설렘에 부풀어 눈을 뜨는 아침

seolleme bupureo nuneul tteuneun achim

The morning I opened my eyes in heart fluttering excitement

선물의 리본끈을 풀어보는 느낌

seonmurui ribonkkeuneul pureoboneun neukkim

It’s like the feeling of untying the ribbon of a present

너를 알아가는 날이면 날마다

neoreul araganeun narimyeon nalmada

Every single day of getting to know you

EXO-M Version



bèi xīn zhōng de qī dài jiào xǐng de nà zǎo chén

That morning I was woken up by the expectation in my heart


gǎn jue hǎo xiàng chāi kāi lǐ wù shí nà me xìng fèn

I felt the same excitement like that when I open a present


měi yī tiān dōu duì nǐ liao jiě gèng duō yī xiē

Everyday I understand you a little bit more


EXO-K Version


거리를 장식한 반짝이는 불빛

georireul jangsikhan banjjagineun bulbit

The twinkling lights that decorate the streets

그 중에 단연 네 눈에 뜨는 별빛

geu junge danyeon ne nune tteuneun byeolbit

Among those, your eyes are especially like the star light

내 품 안에 녹을 듯이 너는 안겨와

nae pum ane nogeul deusi neoneun angyeowa

As if you’re melting in my arms, you come into my embrace


혹시 내 잠결에

hoksi nae jamgyeore

What if you come to me

다가와있진 않을까

dagawaitjin anheulkka

When I’m sleeping?

EXO-M Version



zhè chéng shì dào chù shì cuǐ càn yào yǎn de dēng

This city is full of brilliant and dazzling lights


ér zuì shǎn yào de shì nǐ yǎn lǐ de xīng chén

Yet the most dazzling of all, are the stars in your eyes

温柔贴近 把你融化在我怀抱里

wēn róu tiē jìn bǎ nǐ róng huà zài wǒ huái bào lǐ

Gently come closer, I’ll let you met in my embrace



bàn mèng bàn xǐng zhī jiān

In between that half asleep, half awake state


fǎng fu nǐ lái dào wǒ shēn biān

It seemed as though you had come to me


EXO-K Version


하며 All night 밤새 All night

hamyeo All night bamsae All night

So I stay up all night, all night

하얗게 지새 맞이한걸

hayake jisae majihangeol

In a white daze

EXO-M Version


思绪 all night 翻身all night

sī xù all night fan shen all night

Thinking all night turning over all night


zhí dào tiān kōng màn màn liàng qǐ lái

Until the sky slowly began to lighten

It is also interesting to note that within the small introduction of this song there is an allusion to this shift by the quick change from keyboard to guitar back to keyboard. The chorus introduces us to subtly used organ that you aren’t really aware of until the end of the chorus. Note that the strings have remained the primary instrument during the chorus. This further solidifies their use to portray EXO’s whimsical fancies.

As soon as the second verse starts the organ imitates the notes sung by Luhan and D.O. sung in the EXO-K and EXO-M versions respectively. But it doesn’t stay. The guitar immediately returns as the primary instrument. Could this be due to the fact that their love interest is now more presently with them mentally almost physically? The shift from awaiting their love to ruminating on tender memories in the first and second verse is being shown musically in this difference.

EXO-K Version


너만이 코트 속에 남아있는 온기

neomani koteu soge namainneun ongi

Only you are the warmth that remains inside my coat

따뜻한 기억들 만으로 채워지고

ttatteutan gieokdeul maneuro chaewojigo

I’m getting filled with only warm memories


(너무나도 따뜻한)

(neomunado ttatteutan)

(So warm)


메마른 하늘에서 내린 하얀 기적

memareun haneureseo naerin hayan gijeok

The white miracle that falls from the once dry sky

이뤄지긴 너무 힘들 것만 같던

irwojigin neomu himdeul geotman gatdeon

It seemed like it wouldn’t come true

꿈 속에도 간절했었던 그 기도~ 음~ Yeah

kkum sogedo ganjeolhaesseotdeon geu gido~ eum~ Yeah

The prayer that I was so desperate for even in my dreams


눈을 뜬 아침에

nuneul tteun achime

When I opened my eyes in the morning,

창문을 덮은 눈처럼

changmuneul deopeun nuncheoreom

Like the snow outside the window

EXO-M Version


在我的大衣里 只留下你的体温

zài wǒ de dà yī lǐ zhī liú xià nǐ de tǐ wēn

Within my coat, all that’s left behind is your warmth

只留下温暖的 记忆把我们包围

zhī liú xià wēn nuǎn de jì yì bǎ wǒ men bāo wéi

Leaving behind only the warm memories to embrace us



zhī liú xià wēn nuǎn bāo wéi

Leaving only a warm embrace



píng fán de wǒ dé dào mìng yùn gěi yǔ de lǐ wù

The ordinary me received a gift given by fate

每一天我祈祷上天 可以眷顾

měi yī tiān wǒ qí dǎo shàng tiān kě yǐ juàn gù

Every day, I pray to heaven that I may be blessed

那么虔诚祈祷 你是我的礼物

nà me qián chéng qí dǎo nǐ shì wǒ de lǐ wù

So devout were my prayers, that you are my gift



jiù zài yī yè zhī jiān

Just in the course of one night


chuāng wài yǐ bèi bái xuě fù gài

The window has already been covered by snow

And the strings come back at the same place right before the chorus serving their purpose once more. The drums stay in the pocket and sound as if they represent how EXO’s heart beats for their love interest throughout the song. The organ comes back many times with little motives to bring to mind that their love is not there yet, they are still awaiting her arrival. So many little elements that match up perfectly.

And those velvety vocals……


Remember in the Miracles in December analysis I talked about Luhan being silver tongued with a smooth, buttery tone, Baekhyun giving a velvety, plush delivery, Chen producing calm, lyrical tones and D.O.’s warm vocal quality? Well it’s back and add to all of that Lay’s sweet croonings, Suho mild tones and Xiumin’s silky, sweet delivery and you get this dream. They just make you feel as if you are sipping hot chocolate by the fireplace with how warm, smooth and cozy of a mood they create with their voices.

Speaking of which, Admin Aqua is off to spend some quality time with her favorite mug of hot chocolate and Christmas Day on repeat just because…



**Experience Otherworldly Aural Transfiguration**

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