Black Pearl

Ahoy mateys! Lol I had to.


Anyways, as Leader Suho has explained to us, the Black Pearl EXO is talking about is the Black Pearl we all know and love from Pirates of the Caribbean.

I don’t know about you but I always think about…

Anyways, so we have two similar sea-themed songs back to back. Interesting.

(I’m so sorry y’all. I’m going to try to stay focused despite the election this evening….geez.)

If you will go with me here….I almost want to link the two stories together for continuity purposes but I won’t.

The Black Pearl “was raised from the sea floor by Davy Jones after making a pact with Jack Sparrow who renamed her the Black Pearl. She is said to be “nigh uncatchable”.

So for the most part this song is definitely talking about the voyage that the Black Pearl makes while also talking about their love interest possibly also being the representation of the Black Pearl.

The Black Pearl is elusive and mysterious. Her destinations are the same. She cannot be caught by anyone. She cannot be contained. She is the greatest treasure of any man who is brave enough to claim her for his own. He must use his heart as his guide. He must lead her passionately (as she is passionate. I mean she’s of the sea.) Only someone as wild in ambition could possibly hope to lead a ship as fearsome, a woman as fearsome as the Black Pearl.

The elements that remind me so vividly of the story of the Little Mermaid and make me think that this is the Prince’s side of the story from “Baby Don’t Cry” is the entire tone of this song. That in some far off distant land is this mysterious, elusive woman whom the Prince is ensnared by the night after the fated storm where he met the Little Mermaid. And now he goes in search for this woman. Letting his heart be his guide. Letting their brief, but fated encounter spur him on to search for her. He even urges her to not back away from him. For even if the “ great ocean hides you away as an evil joke for your sake I would be able to take it.”

And here’s another great couple of lines (I mean I just love looking at these lyrics. It is so poetic and gorgeous.)



wo bu ceng xiang xin zhe

I never used to believe that such a thing


shi jie cun zai suo wei yong heng

as eternity existed in this world


wei le ni ri ye si nian de ni

For you, ever since the moment I touched you


dang wo chu ji ni na yi shun jian

I think of you day and night


꿈과 이상 속을 헤매고 있나

kkumgwa isang sogeul hemaego inna

Am I wandering in between dreams and beyond?


신화 속에 살 것만 같은 oh, 나의 여신아

sinhwa soge sal geotman gateun oh, naui yeosina

My goddess, it seems like you live in a legend

시간을 헤치고 널 찾아가

siganeul hechigo neol chajaga

I will fight time and look for you

Also the mentions of the flowers blooming in the dark and the moonlight make me think of the original story of the Little Mermaid as well. (The Little Mermaid had a garden of red flowers and liked to watch the ships go by in the moonlight.)

(I don’t know why I need to point it out again but there is that word again “Goddess”)

(Throwback to this legendary MAMA 2014 Performance of Black Pearl with the added bonus of Tell Me What is Love – I will talk more about this later but I wish for the life of me that song had been an EXO song. Like D.O. got his collaboration as he deserved and EXO released a version with them singing it as they do in this video because the addition of Baekhyun and Chen is fire!)

**Experiences Otherworldly Lyrical Transfiguration**

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