I hope it’s not silly of me to hope that “Baby” is picking up where Peter Pan left off.

So many references here….




yi dian guang xian tiao yue zai yu hou de shui mian

A bit of light jumps on the water left after the rain


xin yuan xu zai zhe yong heng de an bian

Make your wish on this shore of eternity


yong bao ni li kai bing dian

I will hug you and leave the freezing point


kua yue guo bian jie

I’ll cross over the barrier



wo hui yong yuan zai ni shen bian

I’ll always be by your side


xie ni shou xin li wei kai kou de xin nian

I’ll write on your palms the beliefs I’ll one day say to you



xiang zhe wo men de meng

Towards our dream

走出 first step

zou chu first step

Take the first step


那一点 只一点

na yi dian zhi yi dian

That little bit, just a little bit



wo ling hun de jiao dian

the focus of my soul


在耳边 我耳边

zai er bian wo er bian

Beside the ear, in my ear



zhi liu ni de sheng xian

leave only the sound of your voice


zai meng li qian zhe ni

In my dreams I am holding your hand


fei guo yi di yue guang

flying over a moonlight-covered ground


停不住 我鼓足勇气去爱

ting bu zhu wo gu zu yong qi qu ai

I can’t stop, I summoned the courage to love



zhi yao kan zhe ni

I just want to look at you

画面 倒回被

hua mian dao hui bei

Rewind the scene to that moment


ming yun ji zhong de yi ke

when you were struck by fate


wo ting jian yi ge meng cong yin he jiang luo

I heard a dream that came from the stars


啟程日就在今天 去往你那边

qi cheng ri jiu zai jin tian qu wang ni na bian

Departing day is today, to go to where you are

But I’m beginning to wonder if when EXO decided to go on their journey…if moving across the barrier of space time irreparably damaged both EXO and their love interest’s memory so that they do not remember each other although they know that their lover, their soul mate/soul journey is out there waiting for them.


Ahhh these are the love stories that I live for.



shi jian she xia de zhe she mian

The refractive light cast down by time


niu qu le neng que ren bi ci de shi xian

Has distorted the ability to recognize each other in our sights

Also it was very clever to have Tao sing this line as he had the power (when he was a member of EXO) to change the time.




ri ye wei rao ni gong zhuan de wo

This me who revolves around you day and night


zhe mo sheng de wo

this unfamiliar me


未来的路 变清楚

wei lai de lu bian qing chu

The path towards the future becomes clear



chao xing fu yi bu yi bu

Going step by step towards happiness


shi xiang ni de lu

is the road towards you

It seems as though EXO too knows that his love interest is near and perhaps he has an idea of who she is, although time and circumstance has changed so many things. This song seems to be about his journey in search of her. His quest to find her and make her fall in love with him all over again.

EXO-K’s descriptions and translations only seem to deepen the emotional depth of this love story.


내가 눈감아 기도한 이 순간이

naega nungama gidohan i sungani

I prayed for this moment with closed eyes

그대 에인 맘을 안아줄게 천천히

geudae ein mameul anajulge cheoncheonhi

I will embrace you, my lover’s heart, slowly


오늘이 한번의 chance 나 내딛는 첫 걸음

oneuri hanbeonui chance na naeditneun cheot georeum

Today is the only chance, I’ll take the first step


약속 할게 잘 할거야

yaksok halge jal halgeoya

I promise you, I’ll be good to you

기대만큼 나 역시 행복하게

gidaemankeum na yeoksi haengbokhage

Just like I hoped, I will happily


우리 둘 만의 꿈 그 첫 걸음

uri dul manui kkum geu cheot georeum

Take the first step toward our dream


내 눈이 왜 이리

nae nuni wae iri

Why are my eyes


눈부셔 하게 돼

nunbusyeo hage dwae

so blinded?


심장이 왜 이리

simjangi wae iri

Why is my heart


미친 듯 뛰게 해

michin deut ttwige hae

beating so crazily?


숨 가빠 오지만

sum gappa ojiman

I’m running out of breath


내겐 너무 소중해 잊지마

naegen neomu sojunghae itjima

but it’s so precious, don’t forget


맨 처음 네 꿈, 네 말

maen cheoeum ne kkum, ne mal

In the beginning, your dream, your words

그 눈물보다 진한

geu nunmulboda jinhan

Were thicker than tears

또 천국의 넥타보다 달콤했던

tto cheongugui nektaboda dalkomhaetdeon

Sweeter than the nectar of heaven

(Also what gorgeous lines were just used in the last couple of stanzas!)

“In the beginning, your dreams, your words, were thicker than tears, sweeter than the nectar of heaven” In the beginning everything that I first learned about you and the way you expressed who you were so ardently so fervently so passionately, was so moving (moved to tears perhaps) and it was so sweet and so endearing to witness. It was so sweet and so pure (the nectar of heaven, the divine, the supreme.)



쉽지 않을 거야 알아

swipji anheul geoya ara

I know it won’t be easy

떨어진 시간만큼 멀어져서

tteoreojin siganmankeum meoreojyeoseo

We’ve grown distant as much as we’ve been apart


낯선 그 얼굴 날 슬프게 해

natseon geu eolgul nal seulpeuge hae

That strange face makes me sad

Again EXO-K acknowldges that things have changed. They make reference later in the song about one fateful summer having met their love interest and that honestly explains it all. It was a chance meeting and the romance was fleeting as all summer romances are before the two of them had to move on. And EXO apparently couldn’t stop thinking about this person and decided to go in search of them…


가슴 깊숙이 빠졌어

gaseum gipsugi ppajyeosseo

I’ve fallen for you deep within my heart


너만이 전부란걸, 천국이란걸

neomani jeonburangeol, cheongugirangeol

Only you are my everything, my heaven


Baby baby baby, baby baby baby

약속해 그대도 나만 보며

yaksokhae geudaedo naman bomyeo

Promise me that you’ll only look at me too


나만 사랑해

naman saranghae

Only love me

While many of us would probably be put off by this persistent of a guy (in a little while some of us may put him on the DO NOT ANSWER list or just go ahead and file that restraining order lol) I’d like to say that their love honestly appears pure. Their love is earnest no doubt but it is nowhere near the level that EXO’s future discography strays into (I’m looking at you Overdose, Hurt, EXODUS, Artificial Love, Monster and more….) So surely not as much to cringe about here lol

It carries all of the whimsy that Peter Pan had as EXO seems to be trying to move into the future no matter how uncertain if only for the chance to love this dear person once more (I can’t help but to be reminded of Chaka Khan’s Through the Fire)

**Experiences Otherworldly Lyrical Transfiguration**

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