Baby Don’t Cry Cont’d

Not gonna lie, EXO’Luxion has forever changed this song for me. And you know exactly to what I am referring to….



This is one of those hauntingly beautiful songs that EXO delivers so well. It leaves you with goosebumps. It’s a “I just had a exhausting day, and I just want to sit on my couch with a glass of wine and not think about anything” kind of song. That “You just had a rough day, baby let me take care of you” kind of song. Yeah, it’s one of those………

***Admin Aqua gets lost in her thoughts***

*Ahem* Well without further ado….

**Warning: (Bet you thought I forgot) This discussion is based on an aural analysis alone. If you’ve read my past analyses you already know what my gripe is.**cough** Get Admin Aqua a full score **cough**

The simplicity of the introduction with the left hand playing a basic stop time bass line while the right hand plays a melodic phrase that seemingly imitates the tear that are cascading down her face portrays the purity of the emotions in this song. With the start of the first verse we get the “heartbeat.” By the time we get to the chorus the tears are hitting the ground as we hear by the bent pitch effect that sounds immediately after the melodic phrase in the piano. Between the chorus and the second verse, back to the lone piano figuration, beginning the cycle once again. The cycle continues until the last note is sung, the song closing how it began but this time the ending of the phrase is abrupt. Making one think that just maybe the tears have stopped.


Dear Lord above the vocals on this track. They all deliver so well but I swear D.O. was born to sing this style of song. This by no means negates the impressive job everyone else does singing. His voice just settles best in these types of songs. For most of the song they are in unison. The harmonies, when we finally get them, in this song are lush.  For example, that beautiful moment in each song near the end of the rap, as seen below, when the group comes in.

EXO-M Version


Say no more


No more

Don’t cry

qing rang wo ke yi bao liu zui hou de zun yan
Please allow me to keep this last bit of dignity

huo zhe qing jiang wo zhi jie hui mie
Or please just destroy me directly

EXO-K Version

Say no more


no more

don’t cry

눈부신 사람으로 남을 수 있게
nunbusin sarameuro nameul su itge
Just burn me with that knife

차라리 그 칼로 날 태워줘
charari geo kallo nal taeweojweo
so I can remain as a dazzling person

It accentuates the moment rounding out an already emotionally charged section. Speaking of that section, Tao and Chanyeol deliver spine tingling lines in the Korean and Chinese versions respectively. The two create a seductive experience in both versions, and while Tao makes use of breathy articulation, Chanyeol utilizes his raspy, deep timbre.

Now that I’ve done my part let me go cuddle up with a glass of wine and put this on repeat. Oh wait, I have two more analyses, then wine.


**Experience Otherworldly Aural Transfiguration**

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