Baby Cont’d

Before I start quick commercial break: Thank you Admin Pisces for that little nod to Chaka Khan’s Through the Fire. I love that song!!

Okay, okay I’m back.

Ah the innocence that you feel in this song. A love so genuine, so pure, so guileless, so fetus EXO.

**Warning: You know how this goes. This is solely an aural analysis.

The light sparkling audio effects that start off the song sets the tone. From the beginning you know that we are back in the realm of songs like Angel. The tone of the song remains light throughout by not clouding the instrumentation with too many instruments and effects.

This denotes the surety and purity of his feelings. Once again the music is letting us get a glimpse into his psyche. The lyrics of course reinforces the things that the music has laid bare in front of us.

Both versions begin with the melodic line being whispered. It is almost as if it is a secret. This inner yearning that he can’t quite force himself to vocalize.

Even when we reach the climax when they sing

EXO-M Version

ni shi wo wan mei de tian guo
You are my perfect heaven

rang wo bao jin ni
let me hold you tight


mei ci wo cong ni de yan guang
Every time I can smell the scent

xiu dao tian tang de xiang
of heaven from your gaze

zai meng li qian zhe ni
In my dreams I am holding your hand

fei guo yi di yue guang
flying over a moonlight-covered ground

EXO-K Version

지금 내딛는 첫 걸음을
jigeum naeditneun cheot georeumeul
As I take the first step

따라 girl, please come closer
ttara girl, please come closer
Follow me girl, please come closer

나의 천국인 그대만 바라볼 수 있게
naui cheongugin geudaeman barabol su itge
So I can only look at you, who is my heaven


맨 처음 네 꿈, 네 말
maen cheoeum ne kkum, ne mal
In the beginning, your dream, your words

그 눈물보다 진한
geu nunmulboda jinhan
Were thicker than tears

또 천국의 넥타보다 달콤했던
tto cheongugui nektaboda dalkomhaetdeon
Sweeter than the nectar of heaven

You feel the incline and then they plateau at the peak. It’s not as intense as some of the past and future climaxes that they give. This keeps in line with keeping the song light and sweet.

All this sugar might just give me a cavity.


**Experience Otherworldly Aural Transfiguration**

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