What a great song to listen to when you’ve been having a rough go of it! (This honestly has been me for the past couple of weeks…I don’t want to bring up the election again but…

With all of the discrimination and violence that has surged in number since the results have been given and the cognitive dissonance that has taken over all of us as we try to wrap our heads around the image of that being a reality for four years….well….it’s necessary to have a pick me up song right now)

Again in this song as they did in Let Out the Beast, both groups mention letting go of your reservations and giving it one more try. Even when you’ve been beaten down, get back up! They are there to cheer you on. They are there to see you succeed.


听到累了 睡5小时

Tīng dào lèile shuì wǔ xiǎoshí

When you’re tired of listening, sleep 5 hours


Méi shénme liǎobùqǐ de shì

There is nothing that is impossible



Wǒ xiàng yīgè qíshì

I’m like a knight



Huì shǒuhù nǐ de guāngmáng

I’ll guard your light


조급하게 달릴 수록

jogeubhage dallil surok

The more you rush ahead

중요한 걸 놓칠 뿐야

jungyohan geol nochil ppunya

You will lose the important things


네게 좀 더 시간을 줘

nege jom deo siganeul jwo

Give some more time to yourself

숨을 고를 수 있게 해

sumeul goreul su itge hae

So you can take a breath

These are the kinds of friends we all strive to find. These are the kinds of lovers we all strive to find. This is the kind of family we all strive to build. Surrounding ourselves with people who will shine brightly, illuminating what is still worth it to pursue in this world no matter how bleak the outlook appears.

EXO has been this example time and time again in their public life.

Despite their struggles that we can be sure they have (even if they don’t always reveal them to us on every occasion. Remember Chanyeol’s revelation on Star Show 360? Remember the way the members looked at him? I think of this song now even more so when I think of Chanyeol, the Happy Virus, needing to be uplifted especially when he’s always trying to uplift others)

They do their best to bring smiles to our faces and joy to our hearts through their efforts. Yes it is also because that is their job? Is that what they signed up for? Yes. But they show us in their own example that we make the best of what can be a difficult situation. We do what we can to bring beauty to this world and make it easier on the next person.

I mean what can’t we all achieve with EXO cheering us all on, right?

Go out there and be your best! Ok?

**Experiences Otherworldly Lyrical Transfiguration**

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