Whoa whoa wait a minute?! Where did the flowery heart fluttering poetic lines go?! It’s as if there was indeed a personality switch and not just from EXO!

With Machine you have the appearance of perhaps a new prospective love interest or a 360 personality switch of the same love interest. My bet is on the former.

From the description of her physical appearance this new prospective love interest is just as much alluring as she is lethal. She also appears unreal. Members’ lines at the beginning of the song ask if she’s a doll or if she can even breathe as she is so beautiful, she is so perfect. Hence the title itself “Machine.” She is a goddess…a word EXO will continue to use throughout their discography for some time to come. (**ahem ahem one can’t help but think of D.O.’s relevant line in Monster at this very moment**)


And yet this woman is beyond what EXO can handle. Nothing in her appearance gives away who she is or what she’s thinking. They can only assume and question what if anything she thinks about or whether she cries. Her heart is locked up with a difficult password…that EXO desperately wants to find or better yet ditch that effort and just hack their way in.

However again there is contrast with EXO M’s poetic lines. While she is still a cold, yet unrealistically beautiful woman…

Huáng jīn bǐ lì chāo xiàn shí zhǔ yì
Unrealistically perfect proportions

都害怕为她定义 打败了人类的逻辑
Dōu hài pà wéi tā dìng yì dǎ bài le rén lèi de luó jí
no one dares to define her, she defies human logic

You see that she does show emotion. She is crying behind her mask. But they are not able to find out why. They’ve fallen in love with her exterior. Not to harp on the male population but it is a saying that men fall in love with what they see while women fall in love with what they hear. That is a stereotype clearly used here in Chen and Luhan’s lines:

Wǒ dú zhe tā de yǎn shén tā de chún yǔ
Reading her eyes and her lips

却也发现绽放的心 严密的像个警区
Què fā xiàn chén fēng de xīn yán mì de xiàng gè jìn qū
I discover a blooming heart, tightly guarded like a restricted zone

Huò xǔ kào jìn tīng tā yě huì kū qì
Get closer and you might hear crying

或许会对你同情 但表情却异常平静
Huò xǔ huì duì nǐ tóng qíng dàn biǎo qíng què yì cháng píng jìng
see sympathy, but her expressions remain unusually calm

He’s trying to pick up on some physical cues. Does he even know this woman? Some body language that will hopefully tell him something of whether thus woman is human at all. But as Kris warns later on, this is a trap. It’s a trap that you don’t mind falling into just for the opportunity to solve her mystery but it’s a trap nonetheless. And it’s not until the end that we finally discover from Chen and Luhan that this Machine exterior of this woman is a defense mechanism.

Yeah 多危险的美丽
Yeah duō wēi xiǎn de měi lì
Yeah, such dangerous beauty

Zú yǐ zhao mó de hǎo qí
Enough curiosity to kill

Woo 谁真的能唤醒
Woo shuí zhēn de néng huàn xǐng
Woo who can really awake

Tā nǔ lì ài què bèi shāng guò de xīn
Her heart that has earnestly loved but was hurt

This is the last song on the album and an interesting one to end with. We have been introduced to EXO as otherworldly beings who have come here to save the people of Earth. While pursuing their mission they have come into contact with two distinct beings. Two human women. An angel and a machine. They have questioned the phenomenological experience that is love. They have become a united front that are not taking no for an answer. They will succeed in making the people of Earth whole once more. EXO will continue to discover the light and dark concepts of the human condition especially when it comes to love. But how interesting for them to have done so with six songs on one album. And their first at that. Honestly I don’t think those were lofty dreams they were spouting in History.

The discussion continues on with our next albums XOXO (Kiss/Hug)! (**ahem ahem** Perhaps unintentionally but I feel that Two Moons was the signal to fans to look forward to yet another transformation of EXO. A shapeshifting if you will.)



Anyways we look forward to your feedback and comments on our completion of their first album!

**Experiences Otherworldly Lyrical Transfiguration**

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