Angel (Into Your World) Cont’d

Ah, the joys of a pure love…


**Sigh** I just had to.

The music in this song certainly mirrors that sentiment. An angelic song teeming with an understated elegance in its simplicity. No wonder they entitled the song Angel. Let’s take a look at how they decided to portray this being and their feelings musically shall we?

**Warning: As always, this discussion is based on an aural analysis only. If you’ve read my other analyses you already know how much I would love to analyze the score as well but…..**le sigh**

There is a beautiful organic ease found within the orchestration and vocals. The use of a drum kit and piano with interspersed use of effects gives the song a sincerity. A piano line mostly void of block chords and a drummer staying in the pocket creates a light effect that gives this angelic song wings. The mellow entrance of the vocals that are maintained throughout the song cocoons the song in a warmth. This is a distinct difference from What Is Love where they are frustratedly pleading and making impassioned inquiries.There is now a sense of acceptance and awe within the dulcet, warm vocals. I wonder how long this acceptance will last……?


**Experience Otherworldly Aural Transfiguration**

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