History Cont’d

On this lovely Tunesday we’re gonna get you moving. This song comes on and I immediately start moving. I mean they say “Imma shake it like that” so why shouldn’t I shake it as well. IJS…And who can forget the dance practice video….**smirk**

But seriously let’s take a look at the music in History.

**Warning: Once again, this discussion is based on an aural analysis only. I know I’ve said this before but golly, what I could do if I could get my hands on a full score…

The accompaniment contains heavy use of percussion aka this joint is beat heavy. The interspersed use of electronic instruments gives the song a funky feel. This is definitely a dance track. Excuse me for a minute while I have a dance break.


Okay, I’m back. On to the music…

The syncopated rhythmic patterns play an important job in setting the song apart and differentiating the various sections. For example, the electronic clicking sound that is heard throughout the song maintains the pattern of 1 ee & a 2 3 rest 5. This pattern is repeated continuously and gives the song a slight pre-historic feel, if you will. Creating a phrase that is unique to this song.


Teeheehee…Now for zee vocals.

**Warning: The following section contains a comparison and contrast of the EXO-K and EXO-M versions of the analyzed piece. This by no means should be taken as a preference of one version over the other.

Both version exude an edgy, authoritative attitude. As we have seen in the lyrical analysis by Admin Pisces, they are imploring people to come together. This is especially seen in the exchange during the part where they are saying:



Ya! 우리가 원래 하나로 태어났던 순간

Ya! uriga wollae hanaro taeeonatdeon sungan

Ya! The moment we were born as one

갈수록 소모적인 이 세계를 만난 순간

galsurok somojeogin i segyereul mannan sungan

The moment we meet this ever-consuming world


우린 점점점

urin jeomjeomjeom

We get farther and farther and farther

멀어져가 점점

meoreojyeoga jeomjeom

Farther away


둘로 깨져버린 채 힘을 잃어버린 태양

dullo ggaejyeobeorin chae himeul irheobeorin taeyang

The sun broke into two and lost its power


갈수록, 갈수록, 갈수록, 갈수록 더

galsurok, galsurok, galsurok, galsurok deo

As time goes by, as time goes by, as time goes by


간절했던 꿈의 세계를

ganjeolhaetdeon ggumui segyereul

The moment I meet the world

다시 마주하는 순간

dasi majuhaneun sungan

Of my earnest dreams


내 가슴이 뛴다, 마구 뛴다

nae gaseumi ddwinda, magu ddwinda

My heart races, it jumps




Ya! 我们抱紧为一体在诞生的瞬间

Ya! wo men bao jin wei yi ti zai dan sheng de chun jian

Ya! We’re holding tight to that one moment we’re born for


que kai shi xi guan shu

But we grow accustomed to a world


li he yi ge ren de shi jie

Where we’re alienated and alone



ju li jian jian jian jian jian yue lai yue yuan

The distance slowly slowly slowly grows more and more



ge li fen kai cheng liang bian tai yang

The two sides of the splitting sun


bu xu yao fen jie xian

don’t need a dividing line


One more, two more, three four more



zhe yi shun jian ying jie ji wang

In this moment welcome the perfect world


yi jiu meng li wan mei shi jie

Of long ago dreams we’ve hoped for



xin zang kai shi tiao dong ji su tiao dong

My heart’s starting to beat, and beats faster


This call to action is mirrored in the intensity within their voices. Kris, Tao, Chanyeol, Sehun and Kai are assertive in their delivery of these spoken lyrics. Also, the choice to use the smoother, softer voices for the transition into this section to further portray the intensity required through an obvious difference of tone was ingenious. By using Suho and Lay in the respective versions to begin that section the contrast is duly noted. The section ends with Baekhyun and Chen starting that incline needed to truly jump start the section that contains the lyrics above.

Overall, History is moving piece in more ways than one. Now if you would excuse me while I get back to moving.



**Experience Otherworldly Aural Transfiguration**

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