EXO-K/EXO-M What Is Love? Music Videos

A: Okay, I’m ready. You ready?

P: One second……..Yep

A: 1, 2, 3, play

A: Why does only one version have subtitles?

P: Okay…..?

A: What do these visuals have to do with the song?

P: The part where they said “Girl..”…..I don’t know… And where did they shoot this? Why? What does this have to do with the song? You wonder what kind of environment they were in since you see them with winter clothes on

A: Someone said they like filming in abandoned places

P: This is the 1st song so it makes sense that they used teaser bits

A: It makes sense but it doesn’t make sense

P: How do you mix teaser locations with this? It took away from the song. It was like they wanted to feature everyone not just the two singing

A: You can see D.O. moving to the rhythm in certain spots

P: The costumes. And looking at them like “They look so young!”

A: Lord these hair cuts….

A:You can see the difference in which version is more frustrated

P: Why did they have an RV?

A: Right

P: Some of these tops are interesting

P: Okay! **In regards to D.O. singing “I don’t know why”**

A: He put that stank on it

P: The clips with Lay don’t fit. They had to slow them down so much. Why not use Sehun’s or put Kai in both?

A: Yeah, that Luhan/Kai clip doesn’t fit either

A: They might be saying “I lost my mind” in regards to these visuals

P: Is the eclipse to announce their presence? I mean you keep seeing it

A: My favorite part

P: The lighting that they chose throughout. It’s much more piercing for Baekhyun in the ending scene. Chen’s was mellow, not as bright and piercing

A: We didn’t say much this time. I know I can’t since I get so caught up in the song. And I know you completely understand

P: Mhm

Credit: EXOFanCreations

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