EXO-K/EXO-M MAMA Music Video


A: Ok I’m ready, Pisces. Are you?

P: Sure.

A: Ok 1, 2, 3, play.

P: Solitary tree and the fruit of that tree makes me think of creation myth as it relates to other world myths.

A: Avatar anyone?

P: The sand timer with the beam of light tracing the shape of infinity…interesting

A: The background music makes me think of a blend of Space Odyssey and Eastern Traditional music.

P: The clock created with their Suns and superpowers that appears to move forward in time to the the present day or perhaps into the future.

P: Also what is the purpose of the eclipse? Another spiritual reference?

A: Why the butterfly?

A: Seriously, spirit tree from Korra

A: I like that their superpower symbols light up when they appear.

A: Ok for the high notes! Their clean with the moves tho.

A: So he transports in both videos at the same time?

A: Ah there are differences in the choreography. Are they harnessing their energy using their dance moves?

A: Baek’s eye liner! His emotions displayed on his face throughout the video tho!

P: I really like Baek’s look here. The handcuffs are an interesting choice.

P: (mentally…Baek is very aggressive from the beginning. Although he and Luhan are doing the same move at the center of the group, it comes across as quite different.)

A: Ok Lay!

A: I want his harem pants!

A: The subtle use of EXO symbols on their clothes and jewelry throughout!

P: (mentally…They seem to be becoming aware of their superpowers in this realm. As if they’re testing out how they appear here versus on EXO Planet. Like they’re trying to see what they’re capable of.)

P: (mentally…I really like the shoulder and body roll with the pop at the end. I want to do it too every time.)

P: (mentally…why the brushing of the thumb across the bottom lip like that while singing MAMA…it almost seems very sarcastic especially when watching EXO-K’s more aggressive performance…like first you respected the Queen but now not as much once you’ve seen what you are dealing with….)

P: Ah Zittao. How graceful.

A: Can Tao’s scenes be longer here? So aesthetically beautiful watching him move through the flowers. Ah his sword!

A: No more bangs like these for Suho please!

A: It’s confusing to see Chanyeol and Kris’ powers displayed at the same time because they look the same.

P: (mentally…I think Kris is a dragon with the power of flight but they do look the same. Althouh Chanyeol looks more like a Phoenix and Kris’ dragon’s wings seem larger.)

P: (mentally…when Tao flipped and the screen “warped” was that to show EXO moving through time towards Earth or artistically placed to show a shift in the song?)

A: Really like the geometric shapes on Kris’ face versus the way it was done on Xiumin and Kai.

A: Definitely looks like they are bowing down to royalty instead of a mother.

P: (mentally…when they are kneeling initially in the beginning…the way that their hands and arms sweep the ground. It’s almost this really deep and reverent bow as if they are meeting the Queen of Earth or Queen Earth herself for the first time.)

A: Ah now I understand the butterfly. It has reappeared.

P: Perhaps the butterfly was used because it also symbolizes transformation and is related to angels and God.

A: True, as one group is in all black and one in all white. The world is flipped as well. There is a lot of symbolism placed throughout using mirrors.

P: Yes. In the beginning during the narration, the world was flipped as well.

A: I wonder if they are transporting to Earth when they are wearing the monk outfit in the beginning and at the very end? It almost looks like a throne room.

A: Any final thoughts?

P: Hmmm

** Experience Otherworldy Visual Transfiguration **

Credit: EXOFanCreations

(Source: m.youtube.com)

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