Angel (Into Your World)

Angel seems to return to the romantic relationship discussed in What Is Love while retaining similar concepts to what was discussed in History.

It is an ethereal song. Not just in title but in sound and references such as the Garden of Eden, names of specific angels like the archangel Michael, wings, eternity, heaven, the fact that they are descending onto the plane where their love interest is.

Whereas in “What Is Love” EXO had just come upon their love interest and had yet to have a conversation with them…now EXO is speaking to their love interest face to face. This song almost seems like a preliminary confession though we are still only sure of EXO’s feelings and not their prospective love interest. It is straightforward and to the point.

Within the lyrics specific to EXO-K, there is an actual conversation between EXO and his prospective love whom EXO proclaims to be eternally in love with. They (their love interest) asks where EXO is from but EXO who can not return to where they are from as their “wings” are lost will not disclose the name of their homeland.

They seem content to just be beside this person that they have come to love. They are content just to protect the one they love. They are even willing to sacrifice eternal life. Whoever their love interest is, they are in deep. Their love is innocent, pure, genuine. So strong are their feelings that they feel that it is just a dream. They seem to wish that this moment in time where they are purely and deeply in love will last forever.


EXO-M’s translation of this piece features some truly beautiful poetic lines (which further adds to my appreciation of EXO-M.)

好像 什么都不懂的一个孩子一样 纯真
Hǎo xiàng shén me dōu bù dǒng de yī gè hái zǐ yī yàng chún zhēn
Pure, like the innocence of a child who doesn’t know better

重生 那个美丽的瞬间
Chong shēng nà gè měi lì de shùn jiān
Born in this beautiful moment

双眼 闭上又睁开
Shuāng yǎn bì shàng yòu zhēng kāi
Eyes closing and opening again

Hài pà zhè yī qiē zhǐ shì mèng
Afraid this is only a dream

留恋 我就真诚站在你面前
Liú liàn wǒ jiù zhēn chéng zhàn zài nǐ miàn qián
Not wanting to let go, I stand before you honestly

Kě wàng dé dào nǐ shì xiàn
Wishing for your attention

Zhǐ shì xiǎng hé nǐ yī qǐ zǒu
I only want to be with you

Liǎng gè rén yòng tóng yàng de bù diào
our footsteps in harmony

Xié zòu yī cì jiù zú gòu
just once is enough

爱上了你的我 再也没有 地方可回头
Ài shàng nǐ de wǒ zài yě méi yǒu dì fāng kě huí tóu
When I fell in love, there’s no turning back

Chì bǎng yǐ jīng bù zài yōng yǒu
My wings were lost

永恒的生命被夺走 oh no
Yǒng héng de shēng mìng bèi duó zǒu oh no
my eternal life stripped away, oh no

Kě wǒ yī rán gǎn jué xìng fú wéi yī de lǐ yóu
But my one and only reason for my happiness

因为我的永恒现在就是你 eternally in love
Yīn wèi wǒ de yǒng héng xiàn zài jiù shì nǐ eternally love
Right now my eternity is you, eternally in love

Tiān táng zài suí shí hé suí dì
Heaven can be anytime, anywhere

I mean! Please! Just! Ugh!


**Experiences Otherworldly Lyrical Transfiguration**

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